Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fireplace Makeover

So ever since I moved into my new house I've gone back and forth on painting my fireplace. I did not hate the brick but I did not get a soothing vibe from it either. So I've been reading this blog Decorating Obsessed and also this blog Young House Love, who both took the challenge to paint their fireplaces. After reading and drooling at their new fireplace I finally took the plunge.

This is the fireplace before:

This is the fireplace after:


So here is my step by step:

I first painted the mantle which was stained with primer and then took the same color as the walls - Sherwin Williams DoveTail and painted the mantle. Once the mantle was dry I think proceeded to tape off the entire fireplace to get ready to paint it white. I use a white semi-gloss latex paint.

I had to put two coats of white paint on and found that some areas of the brick in the center were absorbing the paint and so I had to put a third coat in those areas.

Now look at that nasty brass screen - YUCK!! So once the white was dry I retaped off the screen and the glass and used a high heat ultra black spray paint from Rust-oleum. If you have never used Rust-oleum before it is the best product ever and can do so many neat things. Here is the result

Finally when it was all dry I added my decorations and WA-LA! I will eventually change my decorations because I'm sure I really like them, but it is what I have right now. Any suggestions on decorating the fireplace would be excellent. Thanks!!!