Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Guest Bath room painted

So the painters finally showed up yesterday. They were suppose to be here at 4pm and never showed up till 7pm. And of course they are horrible with time so they did not leave till 10:30pm. We were exhausted and kind of put in a bad mood. But when we saw the bathroom we LOVED it!

The bathroom still has many renovations to take place. We still need to paint the cabinets (ran out of money so we did not ask the painters) and put new hardware on them. We want to eventually change out the sink and countertop. I am going to paint the mirror frame black probably next week - so it pops more off the wall. Then we just have to decorate it!!!

Here is the finish product of the paint

And here is how we are going to decorate the bathroom for those that did not see it on the previous blog. You can also see before pictures on the previous blog.