Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Turquoise Addict

Yes I will admit I love turquoise.  How could you not!?  It is exciting, calming, rich, and reminds me of the beach.  With that being said that is my accent color through a majority of my house.

My husband and I recently built a farm house table out of pallets (you can view here) and on one side closest to the wall we are going to eventually build a large bench for our kids and then on the other side I wanted 4 mix-matched chairs in a turquoise monochromatic color scheme.

I set out to my antique and consignment shops and purchased 4 different chairs. To find the perfect chair is very hard and so many people want to sell sets of chairs and not individuals.  Then when you find an individual chair its broken or not exactly what I was looking for or way too expensive.

It took me two weekends!!  Once I got the chairs I wiped down, sanded, and primed each chair.  My local Ace Hardware was having a sale in March on paint.  99 cent pint cans.  You can not beat that!  I picked out my color scheme and bought 4 cans.

The process for each chair - prime, paint, paint again, seal with poly

I love how it turned out and the pop of color it brings to my eating area.

Next on the list - Annie Sloan paint and my birthday bench!  Any tips I should know?  Post below.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baseball Wreath

Baseball is in full swing in the Bryan household.  We have two ball players this year.  Caden is playing T-ball for the Rock Hounds.  Connor is playing Coach's Pitch for the Astros.  Miss Codi is super jealous, but I told her she could be their cheerleader which made her super happy.  My evenings are now filled with baseball practice (I'm in the early stages of carpool mom) and games until June.  I love every minute of it even if I am exhausted and dinner plans are now on the back burner.

To hit off baseball season I thought it would be a cute idea to cheer on my favorite players with a wreath for my front door.  I wanted it to be in the shape of home base so I had to get creative since they do not make canvas in that shape.

I took a piece of cardboard and cut out the dimension of home base.  17 in across the top, 8.5 in down on each side and 12 in diagonals on each side of the bottom of the base.

I then took canvas (which you can buy by the roll or cut it off of a stretch canvas board) and drew out the same dimensions, but I cut it about an inch more so I would have sides to fold over an glue around the cardboard.

I wrapped the cardboard with the canvas and hot glued the sides.

When I was down it was time to paint.  I wanted a chevron background, but I wanted a subtle color since the background was white, I picked a creme color to paint the stripes.  I made a template for my chevron pattern.  It was about 4 inches tall with the points at 2 inches. I traced the template about four times, leaving a space about the same size of the template in between.

Once the chevron design was traced onto the canvas, I painted the creme color every other line.

Then I painted on my baseball threading look with black and red paint.  I added a heart for our love of baseball and a cougar paw because we are in China Spring and we are the cougars (Columbia Blue).  I used a black paint pen to write the boy's names.

To hang it, I cut a piece of wire and spiraled it around a pencil to get the spiraled look and attached it through the holes I cut at the top.

I added a cute bow to the wire and hung it on my front door!

Loved how it turned out and love cheering on my superstars.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rustic Ironing Board

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Hope you are wearing your green today.  

Over Spring Break I had the chance to work on one of my projects.  My mom gave me an old ironing board that she has had since we were little.  I was on Pinterest and happen to see a craft done with one and thought it was perfect for my ironing board.

I created a Welcome sign for my front door.

I started out by sanding the board and then applied Rustoleum Kona Stain to the board.

Once that dried I printed out the lettering - one letter per page and I chalked the back of the letters and transferred them to the ironing board.

I then took a paint brush and Heirloom White paint and painted my letters onto the board.

The next day once the letters dried I sanded the ironing board and applied Rustoleum Weathered Grey Stain to antique the lettering.

Then I applied Polyurethane to seal the board.

I added a bow out of burlap and put it on my front porch!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I heart Wood Pallets

I am currently in a phase of using old pieces and making them into usable and functional pieces for my home.  We recently bought a new house this past summer and when you have a brand new house and did not get to pick anything out for it, I immediately wanted to put my taste on everything in the house to make it mine.

Since we are in a new neighborhood I was lucky enough to obtain about 20 wood pallets that were left over from the construction crews.  I've always seen some cool stuff on pinterest that people make from pallets and my ideas ran wild.

One issue we had at our house is that we can not all sit at the kitchen table together and we needed to have a larger table and more seating, but we do not have the money to purchase a new table.  I told my husband we should make one out of pallets.  I love the farmhouse look and it would be perfect.  And that is what we did!

First we took two pallets that had some good bones and not rotted and then we had to pull off boards and basically puzzle a new top together for two pallets.

Then we sanded the pallets down and I picked out stain colors and paint.

I stained both tops with Rustoleum Kona and then Rustoleum Weathered Gray.  Then I had polyurethane to the tops to seal them.

For the base and the legs I painted them Rustoleum Heirloom White

The challenge was putting the 8 ft table together and getting it into the house.  We accomplished it and love how it turned out!

We still have to make a bench for one side of the table - which our kids will sit at.  We will do the same process but use half of the pallet and then paint it all heirloom white.

I am working on finding 4 different wooden chairs and will eventually paint them a monochromatic of Turquoise.  Kind of like below

green + mint chairs

Last I'm going to make a burlap runner for the table (more pictures to come).

Another project I've done is make a sign out of pallets.  I went to a local store Junque in the Trunk and they were having a sidewalk sale where I picked up some rusty letters for $5.00.  I attached the letters to a pallet sign and now it hangs near my table in the eating area.

I have many other things on my list such as these and can't wait to find time to work on it.

Upcoming projects:

Baseball Home Plate Door Hanger
It's baseball season - for my front door with the boys name and #s

The easiest way to make the mason jar holder - Tips & tricks & frequently asked questions. These are great for bathrooms, craft rooms, kitchens, & so much more! A must pin!    House of Turquoise: Four Chairs Furniture  House of Turquoise: Artistic Designs for Living
I'm going to make this to go above my desk so that it can hold my markers, pens, etc.

@egaillardetz think this is right up your alley! Baseball DIY Project Ideas That are a Homerun!Baseball Mom here and I need some cute shoes for the games

Vintage Ironing Board Turned Welcome Sign | The Rustic Pig
For my front door - I have the old ironing board - just need to stain and put the letters on

Old vintage door ~ Raleigh Kitchen Photos Design Ideas
Looking for an old door to paint like this one for my pantry

This Table would b perfect in my breakfast nook :)
Re-do my old table with a fun color at the bottom for the kids in the game to play games and puzzles on.

Keep Legos where they belong instead of underfoot! Simple DIY personalized trays for projects & creations.
Gifts for the kiddos - they are really getting into legos - could be something fun on a road trip too

made of a board pulled from a pallet, spray painted black, then painted with a brush in Valspar Antique White Eggshell, two coats.  While the sign was drying I printed the letters in Times New Roman (just the outlines to save ink) and cut them out, traced on to the board, and then painted with black acrylic paint the letters.  After that dried, I simply took a power sander to the sign.
For my laundry room door

So there you have it!  I'm going to be a busy bee =)  What are you into crafting these days or making?  Share below - would love to see!!!