Friday, August 29, 2008

Beginning work and other exciting things....

So it is that time of the year again where I must go back to work as a teacher.  Don't get me wrong, I do love my job, but when you have had the first summer off in about 8 years with nothing to do but is really really hard to go back to work.  This was the first summer I did not have a job, going to summer school, or working on my Masters program.  For once it was just me being me and doing what I wanted.  SUPER NICE!  

So the year started with a bang and ended this first week with an exhausted preggo.  I miss my nap time so much, and boy do I need it.  There are days I will sneak a 30-45 minute nap into my conference time, but it is not often enough.  I have really good students this year and I'm excited how the first semester will go.  Especially since I'm pregnant and not getting smaller anytime soon.  I would say my worst fear right now is my water breaking in front of my class, but I just might not have to deal with that unless Connor decides to come a week early.  

Nick also started his fall semester classes this week and I think he might have a pretty good semester with some good professors for once.  I can tell he is excited, because once this semester is over, it is smooth sailing to graduation next December, or so we hope!  He only has to drive to Huntsville twice a week this semester unlike the past two where it has been everyday.  So yeah for saving gas, and yeah for Nick having more free time between his full time schedule of classes and full time work schedule.  I hope he knows how much I appreciate his dedication to everything he does and provides for this family.  

Other than that we had our 23 week checkup this past Monday and she said everything sounds and looks great.  Baby had the hiccups and would not stop moving when she was getting his heartbeat - which is 158 now.  My next appointment is in 4 weeks.  This next appointment will be a long morning.  I have to have an ultrasound at 8am to see if my placenta has moved into place (I'm excited to see the baby again) and then my regular appointment is at 9:00 and I have to do my glucose testing that day for diabetes and what not.  So it will be time to drink that not so wonderful orange drink in 5 minutes.  This is not small like taking a shot, but more like a water bottle - a little bit smaller, but downing it in 5 minutes does not seem exciting to me when it won't be tasting too yummy!  After my appointment in September I will be going to appointments every 2 weeks for awhile up until due date I guess.  

The upside for this weekend is labor day - one extra day off!  Nick is working all weekend and dove hunting on Monday, so I am spending the weekend relaxing and getting ready for my craft show that I will be in, in November.  I'm super excited I got a booth and hoping that I will do well.  

Well I guess this brings me to the end of my thoughts.  Hope everyone has a fantastic three day weekend!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

18 week check-up

Nick and I went to our doctor's appointment to get the results of our ultra sound on how the baby is growing and doing.  She said everything looked great, heartbeat was 162 and then of course me being the planner had all these questions for her.  She was like wow you are on the ball, we were going to discuss these later, but since you are asking....

The only thing that did not go well in the appointment and I'm not sure how to react to it, because I don't know if it is a common thing or not.  I have a low lined placenta, meaning my placenta is not really in the right place it should be.  She did not seem to be worried about it yet, because it was not covering my cervix or within 2cm of my cervix.  Therefore her hopes is that as I continue to grow and the baby continues to grow it will push the placenta back into place.  So I will be required to get another ultrasound when I'm 26 weeks to see if that has occurred or not.  Good thing, I will get to see our baby again.....bad thing, I will have drink loads of water and suffer the need to pee during the ultrasound.  

If all looks good, she says I will not get another ultrasound until I'm 36 weeks, so she can prepare for delivery.  Please pray for our family that God works a miracle and places my placenta in the right location and everything else goes smoothly. 

Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Connor's new room

This Thursday and Friday my mom and I slaved over doing Connor's new room, so I could have it ready before I go back to work in three weeks. I know many people are like wow that is early, but with my sister getting married this fall and work and getting bigger it HAD to be done, lol.

Nick and I decided to go with a modern but fun baby room. We were not into all the cute-z baby stuff and picked a color theme instead. The colors are lime green, navy blue, and light blue. It happened to work out great because the room was already done in browns and blues, so I just had to switch out the browns for navy. There are still a few things that we are not done with.

A. The wall with the changer is going to have a quote that goes on the wall over the changer....that will come later

B. We want a book shelf made for his books

C. There is a glider in the room but I had stuff all over it so you'll just have to come on over to see it all put together.

My mom and I had a lot of fun, but are very exhausted....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby name meaning

Baby Connor's meaning behind his name:  (and is alot like his daddy's)

Connor Michael Bryan -
The name Connor Michael Bryan reflects drive, a pioneering spirit, leadership, independence and originality.  The energy behind this name is strong and forceful and promotes an unconventional, innovative, and decisive approach.  Highly focused and self-reliant, the name Connor Michael Bryan carries with it an unmistakable "can do" attitude.  It reflects confidence, energy, strength and perseverance.  There is a definite sense of danger and risk-taking as well.  The name Connor Michael Bryan does not inspire patience and sensitivity, and does not promote cooperation or a diplomatic approach to problem solving.  Think of this name as a masculine, aggressive, creative force.

Connor Michael Bryan's most positive characteristics:  Strength, originality, courage, imagination, creativity, confidence.  Good for competitive, high-risk ventures.

Connor Michael Bryan's most negative characteristics: Pride, intolerance, excessive aggressiveness.  Not good for people-oriented ventures or healing, counseling and retail businesses.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a.......

its a BOY!!!

Nick and I went to our 17 week ultrasound today.  I was sooo nervous, because we wanted to find out what we were having and I wanted the baby to cooperate.  Oh did he cooperate all right.  Baby was moving all over the place and playing with new found objects, lol.  We were able to see his heart beat, and all his body parts.  It was an amazing experience and I could of sat there and watched him all day long.  By the end of the ultrasound baby was putting his hands in front of his face, telling us no more images, lol.  We go back to the doctor on Monday, July 28th for our 18 week checkup.  The doctor will go over all the ultrasound images and talk about the baby's growth with us.  The ultrasound tech said that she thinks my due date is more like December 23rd now.  Nick and I are super excited and can't wait to see this beautiful baby.

We have decided to name our baby boy, Connor Michael Bryan.  Connor is after my dad (his middle name) and Michael is Nick's dad's first name.  So baby Connor will be one active child and we can not wait to meet him.  Pictures of the ultrasound are posted below.

Monday, June 30, 2008

14 Week Check-up and Fourth of July plans

Nick and I went to our 14 week check-up today.  Originally Nick had planned to come with me to the appointment, but accidently forgot and volunteered to substitute at work.  Of course, me being pregnant, that did not go over well and then my hormones kicked it and it was blown way out of proportion.  (OOPS).  So of course this past Sunday was a horrible day for me because I was just crying over everything, when there was no reason to do so.  I was just extra sensitive.  

Good news, Nick changed his schedule to make it to the appointment, which turned out we were not having another sonogram so there was really no huge point for him to be there, except to hear the heartbeat for his first time.  Overall it was a great appointment.  We heard the heartbeat which is around 158 this time.  Our doctor keeps suspecting it is a girl, but we will find out July 21 for the Ultrasound and then July 28 we will have a regular appointment with my doctor to get the results on how the baby looks and all.  

Doctor's reasoning for it being a girl, heart rate is high and then pretty much every patient she has had an easy time getting the heart beat of the baby turns out to be a girl.  When it is hard to find the heart beat it has usually been a boy.  Well when she puts that monitor to my belly the heartbeat immediately starts pumping.  So we will see!!!  Nick and I do not care, as long as it is healthy of course.

July 4th:
We leave to go to San Antonio to spend the weekend with my parents and my sister and her fiance.  We are going to enjoy the fireworks and River Walk for the today and then on Saturday head to Schlitterbahn for some cool water and a little fun.  My mom and I will not get to do many of the rides so you will find us in the lazy river while the boys and my sister go have to fun on the rides.  The rest of the weekend we will head back to my parent's house in Spicewood (right out of Austin) and go out on the boat on Lake Travis and enjoy each other's company.  Should be a great relaxing weekend and hopefully good weather!!!  

Nick and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.  

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is Here

Summer is in full swing for Nick and I.  Nick is still working but does not have summer school till July, which I know he is super excited because he needs a break.  I finally got my cast off two days before I headed off to Florida with my mom and sister to visit my grandma and Jack.  

Florida was not totally the sunny Florida I missed while there.  It rained almost everyday, but it was off and on.  We had a really nice time visiting grandma and Jack.  We went to the beach two days, visited the Sea Turtle Farm, shopped, visited with my Aunt and Uncle, and had lots of good food. (oh and lots of icecream!)   

When I got back into town, I started physical therapy on my arm for the next three weeks.  Began my house cleaning for the summer and relaxing.  Nick and I finally bought baby furniture and got the baby room set up.  All it needs is some color and decorations, which will come as we know if we are having a boy or girl.

For the next couple of weeks we do not have anything planned but our 14th week appointment and getting ready for July 4th weekend.  We will be heading off to San Antonio and Schlitterbahn to meet up with my parents and my sister, Abby and her fiance Chris.  

More to come later!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

12 Week visit

Went to visit and had to wait awhile because my doctor had delivered 3 babies today.

Today I had to do all my blood work, which was not fun and I got to hear the baby heartbeat, which was 166. She was like you are having a girl, lol. (that is a myth about high baby heartbeats).

We talked about doing other test for down syndrome and such, but Nick and I decided we are having this baby no matter what so it was unnecessary.

Other than that we set up my 14th week appointment which we will get another picture of baby. And then at 18 weeks we will find out the sex of the baby.

We are grateful everything is doing great.

I'm enjoying being pregnant more and more. I rarely was sick (maybe 3 days) and I'm finally getting my energy back, but still need a nap every now and then.

Nick and I are trying to pick out names, but it is super hard, hopefully next time I post we will have something. That is all for now!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Muddy Buddy

Nick and I traveled this past weekend with a bunch of friends to race in the Muddy Buddy in Austin. Of course I could not do it this year because of my broke elbow and being pregnant, but Nick and his partner Jared had a blast.

We ended up caravaning with about 30 people to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, where we all relaxed and ate good BBQ. Then we all met up at a Sports Camp where we spent the weekend swimming, eating, hanging with good company, doing daredevil stunts, and sleeping in bunk beds!

On Sunday morning we all got up at the crack of dawn to fireworks and cowbells to get going to the race. Race started at 8:00am.

For those that have never done the Muddy Buddy it is amazing ( You partner up with someone and the race is about 6-7 miles long. One person on your team starts off biking and the other starts off running. At each mile marker each partner does an obstacke course and then switches with their partner (biking and running). At the end the team goes through a 50x50 foot mudpit and finishes. Think of how rough Austin terrain can get and it makes it a challenging course. Lots of costumes worn by teams and good beer to drink.

Nick and Jared did awesome (will post pictures soon) and they placed 7th in their age group, which had over a 100 teams.

After the race we cheered everyone on with some cowbell and took pictures. Then we headed back to camp for some burgers and dogs and of course the winner of the MVP camper award.
Cleaned up and headed home.

It was an exhausting weekend but so much fun and has become something we do every year with the same people. Go MUDDICANS!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First blog ever!

I've never blogged before, but have always wanted to and thought this would be the perfect thing to do as we begin our family and the wonderful adventures we partake in.

As most of you know Nick and I have been trying to start a family for about 5 months now and man who thought it could be that hard! There were times of frustration and worries, knowing my family history and knowing that my parents went through a long process just to get me in the world. Therefore I was worried that we would have the same problem.

Good news we found out we were pregnant about 4 weeks ago and things could not be more exciting in our life right now. I made my first prenatal appointment for May 12 and waited patiently for it to get here.

May 1st weekend I decided to travel with Sabrina to NYC to visit Jessica and her new life in the big city. We were so excited and ready for a fun trip. On our last evening in the big apple I decided to make my exit "without" grace. Us girls had spent the day walking the Brooklyn bridge and eating cupcakes and then we went back to get dressed up for our evening. As we exited out of her building (of course it was raining and windy) I ended up tripping and falling down the stairs outside of her building and breaking my elbow and a bunch of cuts and scrapes. With all the pain and shock of what happened I could not even shed a tear because I was so worried about my baby. I ended up taking an early flight home on Sunday and spending the day in the ER.

Currently I am in a partial cast (splint) and wearing a sling for who knows how long. Nick and my family have been a constant support in cleaning my house, getting me ready in the morning (bra, washing hair, etc) and helping me get around.

We finally went to our first appointment and we were so nervous, but excited!! Baby is great and we got to hear the heartbeat. We have a picture which looks like a blob but we are having a Santa baby (due Christmas Day)!! Next appointment is June 2nd.

Please pray for our family as Nick finishes up with finals this semester, my elbow recovers FAST, the awful morning sickness that has finally crept into my life, and the growth of our miracle.