Monday, August 30, 2010

Guest Bathroom remodel

This summer I began a journey destroying our guest bathroom by taking wall paper of the walls. Well I did not get very far because the sheet rock started coming off with the wallpaper. Then I found out I was pregnant. So I decided to hire someone to finish up the bathroom. It has been a blessing to have someone else do the work for a change because I just simply do not have the energy and when you have a two year old - he thinks he can help but....not very well - makes more of a mess.

Any who.....the painter guys came this past Sunday

Here is the before pictures:

Here is after the painters came and repaired the walls to be painted:

I will have the final pictures of the painting of the bathroom later on this week and then when it is all done and decorated I will post again.

Here is the layout of the bathroom and how I am thinking about decorating it!

Time for Two

Its time for baby #2!!!

Nick and I found out we are pregnant at the beginning of August and will be going to the doctor on September 13th to confirm. But I can pretty much confirm it! Peeing all the time, already showing, tired, mood swings. Oh and the worse!.....I have a sciatic nerve in my lower back, butt area - which by the way is almost worse than labor. It is absolutely painful. Sometimes the pain brings tears to my eyes and sometimes I feel paralyzed in the position I left myself in. If I cough it shoots pains up and down my spine. It is miserable. So come Sept. 13 I am going to get some drugs - because I need them ASAP.

On a happy note - we are ecstatic and we are due I believe April 7, 2011
We will keep everyone updated and please if you could say prayers for the pain!!!