Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nursery Update

Hey fellow bloggers - I have some updates on the nursery. This past week we received some of our new furniture and did some rearranging of furniture. After all that was said and done I started working on the baby room. It is not done yet, so final pictures of the room will have to wait, but I'm pretty darn close. I've also spent the weekend washing baby clothes and putting them up. I can't believe Connor was that small - the clothes are tiny!!! Can't wait!!!

So here are the pictures I have now of the baby room:

Baby Crib

Glider/Storage Area - pictures will probably be hung in the striped area once we get some.


These are things that are coming to finish up the baby room:

I already made these and painted them in Navy Blue - they will be hung tomorrow between the dresser and the crib

I bought all the material to make this but in different colors and with the letter "C"
info on how to make it will come soon. This will be hung in the corner of the baby crib

I am still looking for one of these stars and I want to spray paint it in Navy Blue - still on the search!!! This will between the door to the room and the closet area.

I bought the canvas today to make a painting like this with Caden's name on it.
This will probably be the last thing I do for the room since it will take awhile. Once I'm done painting it will be hung on the wall with the crib.

I just bought this side table to go next to the glider and it will hold the lamp thats on the window ledge and possibly a bottle or two when feeding. This will be delivered later this week.

Once all that is done the room will be ready and waiting for our precious baby to arrive. Connor is already walking into Caden's room and saying Caden' bed, baby swing, Caden's football, etc. Maybe we are adjusting better than I thought it would be. Will see as time goes. Check back for updates and how-to projects!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh Me! Boutique Part 2

Here are some more projects I've worked on for customers:

Oh Me! Boutique

This past fall my mom and I decided to combine our crafty selves and create a company that is based off our love for art and babies. It is called Oh Me! Boutique which is something my son used to always say. "Oh Me!" We currently have an online store going of our merchandise and love to update fun things that are going on in the art or baby world or just tips. Check us out and see all the fun things we have to offer.

Here are a few things I just recently finished for some wonderful customers.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Future Masterbath Ideas

Nick and I are slowly working on remodeling our masterbath. I wish we had actual before pictures of our bathroom, but we have slowly already taken down a few things in the bathroom because it made the bathroom so crowded.

You will notice missing from the pictures are:
1. There was a huge wooden storage/medicine cabinet above the toilet
2. We had a mirror medicine cabinet in front of the sink
3. We had a towel bar above the toilet and one across from the toilet
4. We had a towel bar next to the current medicine cabinet in the picture
5. All the cabinets once had gold/silver knobs and handles
6. There were blinds and old curtain hardware around the window.

So after all that has been taken out here are the before pictures we have now. Oh and don't forget to admire the lovely brown wilted flower wallpaper and trim. Pretty huh!?

So our goals for this bathroom are to change the direction of the door so that can actually stand at the sink with out having to hold the door so it doesn't keep bumping into us. We are literally going to gut the whole bathroom. Our plan is to have a smaller and more functional vanity, a new toilet and make our bathtub/shower combo into an actual stand up shower. Oh and we will probably have to get new flooring because the tile I believe does not go beyond the vanity and then we would have empty flooring spots. Oh and of course get rid of the nasty wallpaper.

So this summer our plan this summer is to gut it and take down wallpaper and then just use the guest bathroom until its completed. Our guest bathroom if you have read previous post is ALOT larger than our master. Stupid designers but that is what was cool in the 1970s.

So here is pictures of what we would like our bathroom to look like when we are done. Of course it won't look exact because these people spent $8000 on their redo, but we will be taking ideas from these pictures and trying to spend way less!!!

Of course we won't have our bathroom done till who knows when because of having a new baby in the house in April and finances, but we can atleast get started and pray the transition moves smoothly and as fast as possible. Oh anyone know any great/cheap places to rent tools? I know of Home Depot and my FIL knows of a place near by but I'm doing some price checking. I assume we will need a tile remover tool for sure!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crib Day!!

I've been waiting patiently for BabiesRUs to put out their 20% on one item or a coupon on furniture so I can order my crib for the nursery. So far no such luck. Well today is my lucky day. I was reading a friend's blog and she posted about how Walmart sells Baby Mod cribs who are made by the same company that does DaVinci brand furniture and has fabulous ratings. And the catch, the price is A-MAZING. So I'm looking through the cribs and guess what they sell one - The Olivia Crib - that is identical to the one I want from BabiesRUs (a little difference in the wood color) - and $100 dollars cheaper. And actually the wood color from Walmart matches the dresser in the room much better. So I am totally psyched and ordering the crib tonight. It should be here with our new furniture hopefully next week. Maybe I will have Caden's room done before March - that would excellent!

Here is the crib from BabiesRUs: ($379.99)

Here is the crib from Walmart: ($299.00) - oh with the mattress too!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Word of 2011


That is my word for this year. I've always loved to organize and put things in their place, but it is very expensive and somewhat creative and crafty. Unfortunately I did not marry someone who believes in the same thing, so its very hard to keep my house in order when my hubby is the total opposite. But I'm working and training him to get there with me for my sanity. It was not so bad before Connor, but now with a third person in the house comes more stuff and I'm talking way more stuff. And I never thought I would actually find a breaking point until now. I just came to realization that I will be having a fourth person in our house come April and having two babies in the house and all the toys and stuff makes me think I need to do something NOW!

Over the holidays I started out with cleaning our front room out and buying a nice bookshelf and getting prepared to have room for our piano that we will be eventually inheriting from my parents. Then it was getting the new nursery ready for the baby and I started going through Connor's room to transfer baby stuff to the nursery and realized Connor has a huge closet for a 2 yr old and its a mess! So I am trying to figure out a way to organize his closet and the play area to make it more clean looking and organized. Do I do baskets and label them or a toy box. Who knows, but I'm thinking I'm leaning to rotating toys out every month so there aren't as many out and about and then getting baskets to label toys so that Connor and I can learn how to clean in an organized way. So that is my task before baby gets here.

The next goal was our bedroom. We unfortunately bought a house with the smallest bathroom and closet known to man-kind and it definitely does not fit our lifestyle. So Nick and I gave in and bought a bedroom set last night to organize our bedroom better so it looks and smells cleaner. If you have ever lived with a guy you sure know how fast their clothes and socks can stink up a room. GROSS!!! I want my room to smell fresh and clean before I go to bed. Anywho we get our new furniture next week and are totally psyched to see how it all plays out. Then I can finally finish decorating our room and be done with it.

Finally my last task for awhile will be to get my dining room organized and cleaned. It pretty much is, but I have a lot of garage sale stuff sitting in the room. So once that event happens the room can be clean.

Then onward to painting 4 more paintings for the house. One set for our bedroom, two for Caden's room, and one for the dining room. Then I am going to make an mirror for our dining room. It will look alot like the one from Pottery Barn. Can not wait!!!

How do you keep your house organized? What works best for your family? Any tips or insight would be awesome.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paint and more Paint

So over the New Year's weekend my parents were in town for my nephew's birthday party and we all decided it was the perfect weekend to also tackle the beginning attempts of getting the nursery complete for Caden. I picked up some paint and tools and Friday we spent the day painting away and a little bit of touch ups on Saturday.

First lets go back to square one where this room started.

When we first moved into our house the room was completely white with white closet doors. BORING! So I spruced up the room and made it into our guest room. This is what it looked like when I was done.

Once we found out we were pregnant we had to basically get rid of everything in the guest room which wasn't much (a bed, table, lamp, pictures, chair, and cedar chest). We sold the mattress, and moved the other furniture to other areas of the house. We actually will be taking the color of our guest room and painting the front piano room with that color and using the decor from the guest room for the piano room - but that will be awhile. The biggest tackle was the closest. We used our guest closet as kind of our junk closet or to hold keepsakes. Well I threw away about 5 bags of trash and have combined boxes and items. We currently have three homeless boxes that I do not have clue where to put, but I will find a spot.

YAY! Finally the room is clean. Here is the mood board I created for Caden's room.

And here is the painting job my parents and I did. When I first applied the green paint to the wall it was not what I thought it would be. Thank goodness once you add two coats and let it dry it was perfect!!! The blue paint in the closest I reused from our guest bathroom. A great way to save money!!! We ended up taking the closest doors off so the room had a bigger feel to it and more space to put furniture.

As of right now all we have is baby stuff everywhere and a glider. We are still in need of our crib, a table, a lamp, and a dresser. Our plan is to use our dresser from our room and get us a new dresser. Then I will get to painting some fun artwork and start decorating. Keep posted for updates as the progress continues. I hope to have it complete by mid February so I can have time to relax and focus on spending time with Nick and Connor before we are a family of 4.