Friday, July 22, 2011

A new dining room in progress

I feel like this whole house renovation thing will never be done. 1. you need money and 2. you need time to shop or DIY. We have done so much to this house. Remember when we bought it almost every room had wallpaper, there was no color to the house (all white walls - which isn't a bad thing necessarily), the flooring is mauve carpet, and the tile in the house is GROSS!, the kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, and lots of brass everywhere.

Connor's Room:
room completed except
-closet door needs to be painted
-new fan
-new blinds

Caden's Room:
room completed except
-new fan
-new blinds

Our Room:
room completed except
-caulk the crown moulding
-new fan
-need artwork for over the bed
-need one more night stand
-new blinds/curtains

Guest Bathroom:
room completed except
-repaint cabinets
-get new knobs and handles
-replace sinks
-new countertop
-new window

Master Bathroom: (hopefully 2014!)
needs everything redone

Piano Room:
-need a sleeper sofa
-adding a barn door to close off the room
-new fan
-new blinds/curtains

-new front door
-new light fixture

-new light fixture

Living Room:
room is completed except
-new fan
-new blinds/curtains

Kitchen: (hopefully 2013!)
needs to be totally redone

-paint walls and get rid of wallpaper
-repaint storage cabinets
-new knobs and handles

The whole house also needs new flooring! (hopefully 2013!)

Then that leaves us with the Dining Room. I'm going to start tackling all the little projects in each room before I move to the next.

The Dining Room looked like this when we first moved in.

I took off the wallpaper on one wall, painted the white walls "Bagel" by Sherwin Williams and then striped the walls to make it look bigger with a glaze.

We moved our kitchen table into the dining room, my parents gave us a wine/wine glass cabinet and then my mother passed down her hutch to us which is from her family line.

Here is what we have left to do with the room:
-new blinds
-chandelier from IKEA - that I'm going to DIY
-mirror that resembles a Pottery Barn Eagan mirror - that I'm going to DIY
-Make a farmhouse bench for the side of the table between the table and hutch so there is more room
-finish our frame wall.

I started the frame wall today which will go around the hutch. It is only half way done because I've only made templates for the frames I have right now and then I will buy more and fill in the gaps and then hang everything.

Look for the finished product probably Halloween time - we are on a budget right now so I will only be able to do a little at a time.