Monday, January 23, 2012

To register or not

To register or not for this baby.......a part of me thinks that its not necessary because this is my third child and I do have a lot of the needed baby supplies. The other part of me says "yes" because I'm having a girl this go around and I do not have a lot of the needed girl stuff. I honestly do not need much but clothes, bows, shoes and socks but much of that is hard to register for because when people actually go to the stores those items are hard to find.

So this is what I decided to do: if people are going to buy me clothes and shoes, etc they will buy what they like and I'm sure it will be cute! Then I decided to register for items that I need for the nursery and for the bathroom.

I went with these stores for now:

1. (they told me it would take about a week for my registry to come up on the screen.

I registered for some essentials here.

a. cloth diapers

b. diaper bag

c. wetbags for travel for the cloth diapers

I registered for some decor for the nursery.

a. 6 knobs for the dresser I'm refinishing

b. Owl figurine that matches the colors to put essentials in like swabs


I registered for some bathroom items and room decor

a. 2 bath towels
b. towel set
c. monogram pillow for her room

d. owl stuffed animal

My goal until baby comes now is to go through what I have and decide if its needed for Baby C or if I need to sell or donate it. Then the money I make off of those items I will put towards her room and needs. Decorating and planning for a baby girl is fun but they sure need way more than boys do.

Over Spring Break I plan to start transferring Caden's stuff into Connor's room and getting their room set up so it looks more like two boy's room instead of just one. Then I will go ahead and paint Baby C's room and start working on refinishing the furniture. Poor Caden will have to sleep in a girly room for a couple of months, but I don't think he will mind yet. Wow I'm going to be busy =)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fabric update on baby Girl Bryan's bedding

I have decided to branch out and make this baby her own bedding this go around. Oh and the plus side I'm saving lots of money. I bought 4 different fabrics at 2 yards a piece to have my mom make 4 cribs sheets while she is in Florida visiting her mother. A crib sheet these days goes from $19-40 bucks a piece. I'm getting 4 crib sheets for $30.

Here are the 4 fabrics - they look better in person (photos are hard with fabric)

This is the website I found for the crib sheet pattern

Then I've decided to make my own crib skirt as well. The cool thing with this crib skirt is that I only need enough fabric to make two sides of the crib skirt, because the other two sides are hidden against walls. I have my crib in the corner of the room. Again I'm saving a bunch of money. I believe a crib skirt goes for $50-100 and I'm getting it for less than $25 bucks.

Here is the fabric that I ordered for my crib skirt and I hope it comes in this week!

And here is the website(Young House Love) where I found out how to make a no-sew crib skirt

In the end I hope it all matches and works well together. Then I will try to figure out what I'm going to make with the extra fabric I ordered from the crib skirt fabric. I'm thinking either a pillow sham, a cushion for the rocking chair (more on that later), or add it to the curtains when I get those made (more on that later too).

We are still trying to decide on a name! Naming your third child is hard - even if its a different gender.