Monday, February 22, 2010

Water Baby

We have started entering into our terrible two stage earlier than wanted. Connor is full of energy, but he is also very stubborn and demanding. If he doesn't get what he wants he throws a tantrum or hits or bites (no biting at our house though right now, thank goodness). Since all this has been happening Nick and I have been researching and reading books on discipline for children. Connor is still at the age where you can not reason with him yet, but there are still positive ways we have been working with him on. So far it seems to be going great. One thing though we have found that calms Connor down and excites him too is water. He is the total water baby. (just like his momma!)

I can not wait till it gets warmer outside and we are able to go to the pool, Schlitterbahn, and Splash Town. Connor will absolutely have a blast. Lately we have been putting bubbles in his bath and he loves them. I've been trying to teach him how to blow bubbles in the water. He hasn't quite mastered that yet, but we are practicing.
So I've already started planning our water adventures to get him use to the water more and be okay putting his face in the water. Since we moved into our new house this past summer we have been dying to use our neighborhood pool (its nothing special), but its so close to the house. And in June we are going to New Braunsfel with the Schneider family for a couple of days - so Schlitterbahn here we come. Then we are also going to Rockport with the Bryan family for a fishing tournement. Finally we live right across the freeway from Splashtown and Nick's friend works there so do I hear the words DISCOUNT - yes I do!

All in all I'm so glad to have a baby who loves water and is adventurous. Boys are so much fun and we are truly blessed to have such a fun, loving, stubborn, and fiesty child!


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