Monday, October 18, 2010

Klein Collins HomeComing!!!

So this school year my dream finally came true to be a high school teacher. I've been wanting to teach high school since I graduated college. I don't know if its because I thought my students would be more mature and more excited about learning art, or was it all the activities that go on with high school. Overall this year has been a good one, but I've had some ups and downs and go back and forth wondering if I made the right move in my career. Only time will tell.

One fun thing though my family and I got to experience was the hype of homecoming and the football game. I thought when I was in high school our mums and garters were out of control and expensive. Oh you have no idea what it is like now - RIDICULOUS. That boy inviting that girl to homecoming is a poor poor child. I would say most girls mums were atleast $200-$300 dollars and they had to hang them around their necks because they were so huge. Not to be rude or anything but I swear if you are a little on the heavy side these mums would of hid you too. WOW!!!

It was a fun week though. The school had dress up days all week long and the school was wildly decorated. My parents came into town that weekend and I thought it would be fun for us all to go to the football game. Especially since Klein Collins (where I teach) is undefeated in football. I wanted us all to be dressed in our school colors and I wanted Connor to have his own personal garter to wear to the game. My sister- in- law's mother makes mums and garters by the way and she does a fabulous job, but I asked her to make Connor one and it was sooo cute. Unfortunately Connor just wanted to hold it and not wear it, so it wasn't exactly where I was going with it and all. Well we went to the game and of course ended up chasing Connor and watching football. Being 4 mths pregnant and chasing a 2 yr old is exhausting by the way, so Mimi and Papa, and daddy did a fantastic job. Connor wanted so bad to get on the field and play with the "baseball" - he keeps forgetting its a football or I really just think he has an obsession with baseball. He loved watching the band perform as well and we had a great evening! Oh and of course won the game!

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