Wednesday, December 7, 2011

St. Nick Day (December 6th)

We started a new tradition in our family and that is celebrating St. Nicholas Day. If you don't know what St. Nicholas Day is, it is celebrated on December 6th and here is a link to read up on it the history behind it. Click Here. There is also a very good Veggie Tales movie behind it all too.

Our biggest thing was that Christmas is about Jesus and not Santa Clause and that Santa Clause and stockings were just added fun to the season. So December 6th is a day that Santa comes and fills the stockings with odds and ends of things. Then Christmas Day is about Jesus! This year was our first year to celebrate and it was so much fun! Connor loved it and loved the idea that Santa visited his house. I filled the boys stockings with books, Christmas pjs, Christmas shirt, a movie, an ornament that reminded me of them that year, candy, and Connor got a music CD. I think for the future I will always do the ornament, Christmas PJs, Christmas Shirt, and a book or two to add to their education and then a few odds and ends of things to fill their stocking.

Here are some pictures of them enjoying their first St. Nick's Day!

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