Monday, October 8, 2012

4 months old!

Codi is already 4 months old and showing more and more smiles and laughter daily.  We love her to pieces.

Four months:

Weight: 14 pounds 2 ounces

Height:  24 inches

Eating: 8 ounces every 4-5 hours

Sleeping:  cat naps during the day and all night!

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Clothes size: 6 months

Diapers: cloth diapers

She is laughing and smiling all the time.  She coos and loves to make sounds.  She loves her feet and is almost rolling over. She can definitely roll to her side.  She loves when her brothers talk to her and play with her on the floor.  She loves looking at the t.v. and sitting in her bumbo chair.  When she cries she has that girly high pitch cry/scream.  She loves her bunny and sucking on her hands.  She loves cuddling with blankets near her face. She loves going for walks.

Here is a picture of Connor, Caden and Codi all at 4 months.  Caden has the #4 on him in orange, Connor is in the Astros outfit, and Codi in the red!

They are starting to look more and more like each other

Connor, Caden and Codi Bryan at 4mths

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