Friday, May 23, 2008

Muddy Buddy

Nick and I traveled this past weekend with a bunch of friends to race in the Muddy Buddy in Austin. Of course I could not do it this year because of my broke elbow and being pregnant, but Nick and his partner Jared had a blast.

We ended up caravaning with about 30 people to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, where we all relaxed and ate good BBQ. Then we all met up at a Sports Camp where we spent the weekend swimming, eating, hanging with good company, doing daredevil stunts, and sleeping in bunk beds!

On Sunday morning we all got up at the crack of dawn to fireworks and cowbells to get going to the race. Race started at 8:00am.

For those that have never done the Muddy Buddy it is amazing ( You partner up with someone and the race is about 6-7 miles long. One person on your team starts off biking and the other starts off running. At each mile marker each partner does an obstacke course and then switches with their partner (biking and running). At the end the team goes through a 50x50 foot mudpit and finishes. Think of how rough Austin terrain can get and it makes it a challenging course. Lots of costumes worn by teams and good beer to drink.

Nick and Jared did awesome (will post pictures soon) and they placed 7th in their age group, which had over a 100 teams.

After the race we cheered everyone on with some cowbell and took pictures. Then we headed back to camp for some burgers and dogs and of course the winner of the MVP camper award.
Cleaned up and headed home.

It was an exhausting weekend but so much fun and has become something we do every year with the same people. Go MUDDICANS!!!!

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