Saturday, June 7, 2008

12 Week visit

Went to visit and had to wait awhile because my doctor had delivered 3 babies today.

Today I had to do all my blood work, which was not fun and I got to hear the baby heartbeat, which was 166. She was like you are having a girl, lol. (that is a myth about high baby heartbeats).

We talked about doing other test for down syndrome and such, but Nick and I decided we are having this baby no matter what so it was unnecessary.

Other than that we set up my 14th week appointment which we will get another picture of baby. And then at 18 weeks we will find out the sex of the baby.

We are grateful everything is doing great.

I'm enjoying being pregnant more and more. I rarely was sick (maybe 3 days) and I'm finally getting my energy back, but still need a nap every now and then.

Nick and I are trying to pick out names, but it is super hard, hopefully next time I post we will have something. That is all for now!

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