Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baby name meaning

Baby Connor's meaning behind his name:  (and is alot like his daddy's)

Connor Michael Bryan -
The name Connor Michael Bryan reflects drive, a pioneering spirit, leadership, independence and originality.  The energy behind this name is strong and forceful and promotes an unconventional, innovative, and decisive approach.  Highly focused and self-reliant, the name Connor Michael Bryan carries with it an unmistakable "can do" attitude.  It reflects confidence, energy, strength and perseverance.  There is a definite sense of danger and risk-taking as well.  The name Connor Michael Bryan does not inspire patience and sensitivity, and does not promote cooperation or a diplomatic approach to problem solving.  Think of this name as a masculine, aggressive, creative force.

Connor Michael Bryan's most positive characteristics:  Strength, originality, courage, imagination, creativity, confidence.  Good for competitive, high-risk ventures.

Connor Michael Bryan's most negative characteristics: Pride, intolerance, excessive aggressiveness.  Not good for people-oriented ventures or healing, counseling and retail businesses.

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