Friday, August 1, 2008

Baby Connor's new room

This Thursday and Friday my mom and I slaved over doing Connor's new room, so I could have it ready before I go back to work in three weeks. I know many people are like wow that is early, but with my sister getting married this fall and work and getting bigger it HAD to be done, lol.

Nick and I decided to go with a modern but fun baby room. We were not into all the cute-z baby stuff and picked a color theme instead. The colors are lime green, navy blue, and light blue. It happened to work out great because the room was already done in browns and blues, so I just had to switch out the browns for navy. There are still a few things that we are not done with.

A. The wall with the changer is going to have a quote that goes on the wall over the changer....that will come later

B. We want a book shelf made for his books

C. There is a glider in the room but I had stuff all over it so you'll just have to come on over to see it all put together.

My mom and I had a lot of fun, but are very exhausted....

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