Thursday, January 22, 2009

My baby is already a month old!

Connor has finally turned a month old already and he is getting bigger by the day. He outgrew his newborn clothes this week and now is on to 0-3 months. It is amazing how fast they can grow. Connor loves to play on his floor mat during the day and occasionally you will catch a smile from his face. He loves staring at himself in the mirror and swinging in his swing. Connor spends his days letting out huge grunts, stinky farts, and loud burps. He is a messy eater and loves being naked. Connor loves the bathtub and thinks he is just the cutest baby. He is quite demanding and wants his bottle immediately when asked (cries). Nick and I enjoy each day he does something new, funny, or just being his parents. It truly is an amazing experience. Connor goes to the doctor Monday for his first month shots and is a great car rider. We all are adjusting well and trying to sleep often (if that is possible).

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