Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hippity Hop

Well my long 3 months of maternity leave are over too soon and I am back to work tomorrow. I am so not ready to go back and would love to just be off through August and begin the year a fresh, but I don't get that choice. I enjoyed my Spring Break with Connor - which was the best weather ever! We were outside every chance we could get. This weekend though Nick got a stomach virus and of course I also got it - so today I am missing the rodeo to stay at home and get better for work tomorrow. Hopefully it will hurry and subside - because it sucks! Other than that I will miss being a stay at home mommy - it is the hardest but best job ever. Grandma Sue and Mimi will take wonderful care of him.

Here are some updated pictures of Connor:

Connor does not like his Bumbo seat yet - soon though - hopefully!

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