Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Experiences

Connor is 4 months old today and he is like a sponge - soaks up everything. Nick and I enjoy just sitting there and watching him experience new things and new people. Don't get me wrong though he still has a temper but he can turn it on and off like a light switch. Its his attention getter!

New things:
1. He now does tummy time and lifts his head up so high
2. He is teething
3. He is laughing and giggling all the time
4. He recognizes mommy and daddy instantly and knows when they are around and not around
5. grabbing for toys
6. sitting in the bumbo chair - yay!
7. eating cereal and formula
8. loves to play Patty Cake (just giggles)
9. grabs toes
10. almost turning over

New fun toys:
1. exersaucer - bounces and plays all this kind of music
2. bouncy chair - hangs from doorway
3. Learn about your home - a gift from my students (so cool - very educational and lots of music)
4. swing for outside (he is getting next week from Mimi and Papa)

Connor is going to be one bright child and we can not wait for many more fun things to happen and the changes he will encounter. Here are some updated pictures from this past month - enjoy!

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