Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waiting patiently

I am 36 weeks pregnant and 4 more weeks till due date. Will I go to due date or not - we will see. I went to the doctor yesterday and will start going weekly until Caden is here. Doctor appointment went well and I found out I am 1/2 cm dilated already. I know that doesn't mean much, but it is earlier than I was with Connor so we shall see. Next week is my final U/S to see if baby is in position and what size baby is.

All I can say is I am ready. Exhaustion is kicking in and teaching 180 high school students and taking care of a husband, a 2 yr old, and three dogs is wearing me down. I overslept for the first time this school year on Monday - an hour! overslept. And today I'm still exhausted. Luckily I don't have much to do this week or this weekend. But I do have many paintings to finish up for customers and myself before I settle in to full feet propped up mode everyday after work.

My first painting I am working on is a mural for a friend's play room for her girls and it is turning out super cute. I can't wait to show pictures. I am going tonight to work on it and then hopefully one more time and I will be done. The second painting is a painting I have completed for a past co-worker before, but her sister would like one now too. So I will be finishing that painting up this week and getting it to her this weekend. The final piece of artwork I have to work on is for Caden's room. This one I would love to get done before Caden is here so I plan on starting it over Spring Break and getting it done before April 1st. Then all other painting projects will have to wait till this summer when I have more time and energy.

Other than that I had my baby shower for Caden this past weekend and got some really good gifts (pictures soon). So I have been putting away and organizing all the wonderful items. I still need to get a few things such as:

-More BumGenius cloth diapers (I need 10-12 more)
-Inchbug labels for Caden's bottles/cups
-carseat adapter for my double BOB stroller
-Cloth diaper sprayer for the toilet
-maybe some pacifiers

I am also going to be a consignor for the JBF Champion Forest Sale at the end of March. So this spring break I will be organizing all the things I need to sale and then having a garage sale to sell all the things I have in my garage. Nick's goal this spring/summer is to get the garage organized and work on cleaning up the backyard so we can enjoy it with the boys.

Organization has been the key to my life this year, because the chaos of all the little things in the house are driving me nuts. And I believe everything should have a place and thats where they should be kept - does my husband believe that same thing or my son? absolutely not so its a super challenge that I plan to conquer. My mom is coming down for Spring Break to help me finish organizing my laundry room, dining room (she is bringing me a family heirloom - dining hutch), and get Connor's closet organized.

After reading this many people might think -SLOW DOWN and rest, but I can't and never have been able to. I'm a go-girl - meaning I always need a project and need to be working on something. Sitting on my butt watching TV is not my thing and really hard for me to do. Of course I have shows I love to watch, but I'm three weeks behind on most of those. I would love to just get to that point where my house is super organized, and I can enjoy just being me and being with my family and not worrying about getting a task completed. Like I said goal for this year!!!!

Wish me luck - the clock is ticking at the Bryan household and we can not wait to meet this precious child and the experience of being parents of two children - TWO BOYS who I know will be the best of friends.

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