Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, many fish

I receive an email every now and then from the woodlands mommy groups and that particular day I decided to read it and see what was going on in the community. Now if you know my husband and his family - they LOVE to fish.

My hubby loves to fish so much he even has his lifetime fishing license. When I was reading this particular newsletter I saw that there was going to be a kids fishing tournament in The Woodlands for toddlers to age 16 and literally everything was FREE. I love FREE!!! FREE meant just bring your fishing pole and some chairs will provide the bait, drinks, food, and awards. What a sweet deal. So I texted Nick and sent an email out to friends who I thought might be interested and was planning on going. Nick went out and got Connor his first fishing pole and tackle box. Which by the way he loves!

Tournament Day:
Registration was at 7am - yes very early for a weekend because to get our family ready that would of meant getting up at 5am to get there by 7am. Nick invited his dad along for some fishing fun and the boys left the house by 6:30. Caden and I got up a little bit later and got there around 8am. The tournament started at 8am. When I got there my good friends the Prachyls decided to come with their little girls because their daddy likes to fish too. Their oldest is 6mths younger than Connor and then their youngest is 2mths younger than Caden. They have girls and we have boys, lol.

Anywho I get to the event and find Connor, Nick and Mike fishing away. Man was it packed - we had no idea that this many people came, but why not its FREE. Connor had already caught 2 fish! He was so excited - talking to the fish while swinging his pole around. Though if I asked him to get close to the fish - he was scared, lol. In all we got 3 fish.

The pond was packed with people and the pond was stocked with catfish. Connor had a lot of fun fishing with his daddy and grandpa while I took pictures and Caden relaxed in the stroller. Connor got a tshirt from the event and a trophy at the end. We ate lots of hotdogs and drank lots of water. Though Connor thought he was big enough to go up to the drink line and ask for a coke all by himself and they gave him one. (I was in the hotdog line with Caden and our big stroller so I couldn't just go get him with all the people jammed packed everywhere) What a stinker. Towards the end Connor wanted to play on the playground while we waited for the awards time. While we did this Nick went to weigh the fish and the people next to us decided to give us their fish too. So we had 10 all together! Nick and his dad left to go skin the fish and clean them for eating sometime while me and the boys waited around to get Connor's trophy. What a neat event and turned out to be more fun than we thought. On the way to the car Connor really wanted a snow cone because he was hot and I could see how that would taste really good so of course I got him one and then on the way home he passed out with it in the car. What a tired little boy! But his first fishing tournament was a hit and hopefully there are more to come in the future.

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