Monday, April 23, 2012

Artwork for Codi's Nursery

So I've slowly been adding the last finishing touches to Codi's nursery.  I hope to have a final reveal by next week!

I had three pieces of art that I wanted to put in Codi's room.  One of which I decided to order instead of make and the other two I wanted to make.

The first one is an ABC version with her room colors and then her name is standing out in the ABCs - I ended up ordering it from Made By Girl.

The second one is an owl painting with her name on it and I included bits of her fabric swatches in it to tie it into the room.

The third one which I hope to start on this week is a small canvas that will have fabric hanging down to clip on all her bows.

Then the room is complete!!!

I was blessed this past weekend with a surprise shower given by some of my closest friends and family.  Codi and I were super spoiled.  She is definitely set with clothes, shoes and bows!!!  I hope to have pictures soon =)

I think the only thing left I need to order for her is her cloth diapers - which I will do this week and her bottle labels which I will take care of soon as well.

4 more weeks till we meet this sweet baby!!!

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sophistifunk said...

So exciting! And I love the name Codi for a girl :))