Monday, March 19, 2012

Refinished Dresser

Two years ago Nick and I decided to get rid of our bedroom furniture because we needed more drawer space and we wanted an update look. At that time we had my parents bedroom furniture that I believe was their very first bedroom furniture. At one point I was just looking for a dresser that we could use until we could afford a new bedroom suite. I searched craigslist and found a dresser that was only $60.00 and I had Nick go pick it up. Well when he brought it home it was not at all what I imagined it would be and the pictures really did not give the best image of it. The dresser had ALOT of drawers but it was super small. All in all we made it work for awhile. I wish I had taken a picture of it when we bought it because it needed to be restained. Nick and I spent many hours sanding and restaining the dresser. The dresser also had a bunch of nasty glued in liners in each drawers, so those needed to go and took FOREVER. Once the dresser was restained and we added new knobs to the dresser and new liner it actually did not look that bad.

(this is the best BEFORE picture I have of the dresser)

After about a year we ended up getting pregnant again and needed a dresser in the baby room. It actually was the perfect size and the color matched the crib so we decided it was time to move the dresser in Caden's baby room and get a new dresser and then we ended up buying a whole new bedroom suite. The dresser has worked great for Caden and did everything I needed it to do. Well another year has passed and we found out we are pregnant with a girl this time and I really want the dresser to be white with the decor we were doing. I debated many times getting a new dresser for her and moving Caden's into his new room or just refinishing it. Well I ended up refinishing the dresser. I love it! I basically primed the entire furniture with two layers and then I had a semi-gloss white on hand that I painted the base frame with. Then the drawers I primed twice and then painted the drawers the same gray as in the bedroom. I bought 6 new knobs for the top drawers from Anthropologie that were on sale from $8 to $2.50; they are aqua and match the room and I kept the silver knobs that it currently had on it for the rest of the drawers. It looks awesome with the room and I'm glad I took the time to do this project. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

(white frame of the dresser)

(another view of the white frame)

The final look!

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