Sunday, December 30, 2012

6 months

Codi is 6 months old!  She is a complete doll and such a sweetie.  She is rolling all over the place now and loves to giggle and a definite people watcher.  She got a case of RSV this month which scared me but she is doing better!  She wants to know what is going on and might appear very serious, but once she has your gaze she loves to smile and giggle at you.  Everyone thinks she is the sweetest and most quiet baby ever.  And that she is!!!

Weight: 16 pounds 2 ounce

Height: 24 -1/2 inches

Eating: drinking four 8oz bottles a day, with cereal in the morning

Sleeping: cat naps during the day and all night!

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Clothes size: 9 months

Diapers: cloth diapers

And here is all my babies at 6 months old!!!

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