Monday, December 31, 2012

Fishing Tournament

Last year we found out about a fishing tournament that goes on in The Woodlands for kids up to 13, I believe.  They stock up the pond with tons of catfish and then the kids have a certain amount of time to catch as many fish as possible.  They provide the bait, but you can bring more because they usually run out.  They also give the kids a free tshirt, hotdogs and drinks and a trophy at the end.  There are prizes for the kids who catch the most fish, or the biggest fish, etc.  It is a blast, but makes for a hot day too.  This year was our second time to do this and we learned quickly that Connor loves to fish, but Caden is too young to fish for all he wanted to do was throw everything into the pond and watch it splash.  So not sure if we will be attending next year with Connor and Daddy.  Uncle John and Stephanie came towards the end to watch the fun and excitement.  Here our some fun pictures!

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