Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite things for the Year of 2013

Well it is 2013 and like every start of the year I like to start taking out the old and putting in the new.  I like to set new goals and routines and decide what are the things I'm going to focus on for the year.  With that said I also like to keep a few things around to spruce up my mood daily so this blog is spent listing a few of my favorite things that keeps me happy and just maybe you like them too or want to try something new.

Seriously if you do not own one you are missing out.  I take mine everywhere - I have access to my email, facetime, netflix, notes, ibooks, internet, camera.  It is a fun techy tool and my kids love it too.  I created folders on the screen that have educational games and books for them to use.

I love the smell of roses in my bathroom and bedroom.  Crabtree and Evelyn have a wonderful line of Rosewater body products to use and Yankee Candle has a rose candle that I love to burn.

My husband bought me one of these a few years back and now I sell them.
I have one of these in almost every room of my house.  They have plug ins and regular warmers in all styles.  My favorite scents are: baked apple pie, satin sheets, and enchanted mist

I just received this for Christmas and it is the best thing ever.  First off its waterproof so you can use it in the shower.  I could tell real fast a change in my face and I love how it has transformed my skin.  My husband is also addicted too!!

I love lipgloss - some of my favorites are:
Lipsmacker Strawberry - super cheap, great taste and smell
Lancome Color Fever Gloss - in Hot Number - my sister introduced this one to me and it looks super pink but is not really on your lips, plus is has a little bit of plumper and sparkle with some great shine.

These PJs are super comfy and I always start off the year with a new set.  They last a long time and have some cute designs to choose from.  If you order them at the right time I always get matching house slippers to go with.

This is one of my favorite authors and I know they are super easy reads and usually put me in happy and sad tears, but I own every single one of his books in hardback and will continue to buy.  His newest one is coming out this Fall.  Of course The Notebook is my favorite.

He is my favorite singer and puts me in a really good mood.  He is my favorite when I'm designing art and being crafty or cleaning house.  I own all of his CDs as well and even had the chance to see him in concert when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest.

I love anything turquoise and have been collecting this pattern for awhile now.  They are such great bowls and dishware with a great color pop to my kitchen.

And finally here are some new things I want to try this year:

Oribe Apres Beach Spray

NARS the Multiple

Saucony Jazz Original Running Show

Essie's Penny Talk Nail Polish

What are your favorite things?  Anything fun I should try or add to my list?

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