Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trick or Treating with Friends

For the past two years we've spent Halloween trick or treating with friends.  Lets just say there is about 15 kids and a bunch of adults enjoying trick or treating and eating candy.  The kids were Spider-Man, Woody and a Halloween princess.  Codi rode in the stroller the entire time, but Caden and Connor enjoyed going house to house getting candy.  This was Caden's first year to trick or treat and he sure caught on fast.  He had so much fun and even thought after getting his candy he could then go into these people's homes.  We quickly learned that was not what you do, lol.  He got excited over the scary decorations and saying "HI" to everyone.  Connor thought it was a race and wanted to run to every house.  I was glad when Nick arrived from work to help out!  It was a lot of fun, but maybe next year we might just roam our neighborhood - less cars and crowds.  Still deciding......

All the little kids before we set our on our adventure


Trick or Treating

Addie, Rylie and Connor

Tired! but still eating candy

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