Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Love & Marriage: Keeping it Interesting

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Keeping it interesting in your marriage is always a challenge especially if you have children.  Nick and I have been married for almost 7 years and been together for almost 13 years.  That is a long time to try different interesting things with your boyfriend/spouse that sometimes now I feel like we've done everything.  I know we literally haven't, but changing it up is tricky.  I would definitely say the hubby and I are not very good at this topic, but we do try.  I think we get it in our head that we need to have money to do fun things together, but then are we really thinking out of the box!?  So yes we could do more, but this is what we are currently doing and it is working in our season of life right now.

First off we take advantage of when our parents want to spend time with the kids and try to sneak off to at least go see a movie.  And since we are usually hungry too we go to a movie grill type of place to kill two birds with one stone.  Our church has parents night out once a month so we also try to take advantage of a cheap babysitter when those occur.  My oldest son's daycare does one as well once a month, but we've never participated because their price is not in our budget at this point, but if we could the kids would love it.  

We are big movie people so just getting the time to watch a movie after the kids go to bed is super nice!!!

Nick and I are big PDA people around the house, lol - sorry!  Not so much that its inappropriate if someone saw us or they would get grossed out, but enough to let each other know we are thinking about them or wanting a quick connection during a busy moment (like morning times when we are rushing around to get to school and work).  We make cuddling a priority every night.

One other thing we do is write sticky notes to each other and leave them in places around the house and sometimes we have conversations on sticky notes when are paths don't cross because it is a busy day.  Nick is not a big phone person and I don't have time for the phone because I teach kids all day and then come home to my own kids so it is nice to see fun surprises.  

Finally one year and I found this off pinterest I believe or someone's blog.  I planned a date night for each month that was new and exciting and had it all planned and paid for.  I made a fun calendar for that month and put it in a brown envelope and then we decided what day of the month to do the activity on.  

So there you have it.....Nick and I were together first before the kids and our goal is keep a strong and healthy marriage so we can be role models for our children.  How do you keep it interesting?


Bobbie said...

I like the envelope idea! For date nights we can always do a babysitter swap since we both have three kids. Ask me in person how we keep it interesting ;)

The Bryan Family said...

Bobbie now I'm intrigued! I like the babysitter swap - we are always up for that!!!