Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get your beauty on

So I have a lot to share with you today.  Get ready to go shopping after you read this because there are some amazing things out right now that you just need now.  And for those that are on a budget I promise you you're saving lots of money so just buy it.

This past weekend I went to Dallas to visit my sister and her husband.  We ended up going to the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  This is a sale that everyone needs to put in their calendar.  The prices are awesome and if you are like me who needs to stock up on some work clothes before work starts in oh- so- not- excited- about- this- few- weeks this is where you should go.  I could of dropped way more money but of course I was on a budget.

So let me back up a little bit.  My sister is a fashion queen!  Always has been and always will be - duh her major is even in fashion and she does it for a living.  So it is always a must to go shopping with her when I want honest opinions.  I don't have an eye for this thing, but do have a taste for nice things.  So her letting me know what truly looks good on me when I try it on is key.  Check out her website for some amazing style advice and beauty essentials.  Oh and she is a book fanatic too, so she always post good reviews of her current reads.

I knew I was going to need some money when I went to buy a bunch of work clothes and since we are on a budget I needed a way to come up with this money.  Guess what it is!?  I sell Rodan + Fields and bam! every month I have money for my childcare and money for my clothes allowance.  How sweet is that!?  It doesn't hurt our budget and I get to get some nice things.  Check it out ====> I will give the next person who signs up as a consultant with me $100 towards one of the top two kits.

Ok back to the Nordstrom sale!  We went in with a mission because we didn't know how crowded it would be and we had miss C with us and was unsure how long she would last.  Abby mapped out the floor plan and we have already taken pictures or viewed pictures of the items we were looking for.  Are we crazy or what!?  Lets just call it  - we are planners and wanted to make sure we got what we wanted.

So here is what we eyeballed and of course purchased a few of these items.  Obviously I can't put everything on here - that would be crazy, but these were some fun and amazing finds.


 Abby looked super cute in these!

 We both purchased these boyfriend jeans!  Super amazing and comfortable - go get some now!

Abby bought these - and they have stretch in them.  Love the way they fit on!

Everyone needs a pair of faux leather leggings - need to go get me a pair.  You can wear with a cute top or long T.


There was one other jacket but I'm not finding anymore on their website - maybe they are sold out but it was a army green quilted jacket with contrast of brown and it was awesome, but more for winter states

 Pretty amazing jacket!!!

I'm going back to get this knitted blazer.  But I think in red - you can dress it up or down.

I bought this jacket and its the perfect anytime jacket dressed up or down.  Love the peeks of leather with the tweed.  It is sold out right now but hopefully will come back in stock.


I bought this MK skirt and love it.  Love the way you can put any color with it.


 So I've been wanting these for months and finally bought them.  The perfect wedge!  The most comfortable wedge!  You need them or two.

 Super cute flats!  Abby bought these - but definitely will need some working in on the feet

I really love this boot and I'm thinking of going back and trying it on again.  I would then only need to buy one boot for the season because of the two tone.


 I wanted to try this on soo bad!  Real leather and gorgeous!

Saw this blouse and it is super cute and comes in three colors.  Might have to get this one - need a white blouse!

Isn't this shirt just super cute!?

Abby purchased this fun piece and look awesome in it.  I'm telling you leather is totally in!

Abby also purchased this top and there are matching pants, but the top is way cuter!  You could wear it with jeans or pants.

Then some other great things out there you should look into:

Target: - great prices when you don't want to spend the money

Great dress for work or for play.  Plus its on sale!!!

Faux Leather peplum top.  How cute is this!?  And the price is awesome as well.  Just needs the right jewelry and you can rock this top

Zara:  The most get skort - I need to purchase because it is on all the fashion blogs!!!  And sooo cute on and versatile.  Yes my sister has it and she looks great in it!

 My sister has it in white and thats what everyone is getting it in, but the black is super cute too!  The price is just right too!

So there ya have it!  A lot of fashion in one blog!  Go grab your wallet now and go shopping for these cute finds.  I'm hitting up Nordstroms again this Sunday before the sale is over and might even go get that skort from Zara!  Oh and before you leave go check out my sister's blog on fashion and bookmark it - she will change your wardrobe and teach you how to rock your outfits with confidence!

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Wow! It looks like you racked up on some good deals! Thanks for sharing!