Thursday, August 1, 2013

Backsplashing this Summer!

I really wish this was a post of the finish product of our kitchen, but we will get there probably later this fall.  It has taken us longer than we expected.  So this is what our kitchen originally looked like here.  Thanks to our friend Mike and Lowes Hardware.  This is where we are at now.

Before/After Today:  You can see our new countertops - which by the way we love!


Here is today in action:

There ya have it!  We love how it turned out and are so glad it was Lowes doing it and not us!  Originally they said it would take 3 hours and it ended up taking almost 7 hours.  Ouch!

What we have left to do:


-Paint Cabinets (picking up stuff this weekend to start prepping cabinets) - turquoise and white
-New lighting - we've picked out what we like
- Buy hardware for the cabinets


- Purchase a new microwave
-Sheet rock the ceiling above the vent hood
- Add some molding around the vent hood and tiling by the bar.


-Texture/Paint walls - They will most likely be a light gray color

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