Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We might be back in business!

I have been really wanting to get back to blogging, but haven't had the time, energy, motivation and possibly wanting to change up my blog with some fresh ideas and new things going on in my mind.  I have so much to tell you about!  Our move, country life, crafts, food - the list could go on.  So I thought I start off easy and tag along with some fellow bloggers with

What we're eating this week:
We have been really working on simplifying our dinner menu and make it easier for shopping and less thinking involved.  We are about to really get busy in the evenings with things with the kids and Nick's work schedule so why not have a reoccurring menu with a few new things a week.
This week we have hamburgers and french fries, meat loaf, spaghetti, shrimp linguini, and tilapia in store for our evenings.  Hamburgers and spaghetti tend to be some of our favorites.

What I'm reading:
One of my goals is to get back to reading more.  It is one of my favorite things to do but I think having kids and my eyesight have really put a damper on reading.  I don't have time to go to the bookstore and spend money on books, so I used to just borrow from my sister.  For Christmas at work I won a Kindle Fire, so now I have been using my library a bunch and checking out great finds.

Image result for bernadette book    Image result for a week in the winter    Image result for i got your number sophie

I just finished I've Got your Number and Where'd you go Bernadette.  I've never read a Sophie Kinsella book before and I just loved it.  Quick but fun read.  I will definitely be reading more of her books.  Where'd you go Bernadette was not my favorite book because it was kind of slow and I did not connect with the characters, but some of my friends really like the book, so I think it just depends on your personality for this one.  I'm currently reading The Best Yes and A Week in Winter, so I will post reviews later for you!

What I'm reminiscing about:
Summer!  We can not wait till warm weather hits.  Our good friends just bought a house with a pool and our neighborhood is currently putting in our splash pad and park.  Plus we have passes to Seaworld and some other fun little trips planned this summer that include water and sun.

What I'm looking forward to:
Two things!  We just bought a canoe so I think with all this beautiful weather we've been having that we will actually get to take it out this weekend.  Also baseball is happening soon.  Caden is playing T-Ball for the first time this year and and Connor is playing coach's pitch.  We will be super busy in the evenings with practice and games, but it is a good busy.

What I'm loving:
I just started using Apple Cider Vinegar in my nightly facial routine and though it is stinky it has done wonders for my face.  This product is just a must in your pantry - check it out.  I'm loving Kate Spade's multi earrings so much that since they are sold out - I made my own.  They seriously go with anything and had a touch of sparkle.  Also I just can't get enough of Taylor Swift's Shake It off Video and song.  It makes me happy and what to dance - oh and miss Codi is loving it too.  She can definitely shake it.

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What we've been up to:
It is competition month for my art classes so I've been staying late at work and working on hard on getting all of my student's work matted and framed.  At home I've been trying to get the kids out to play more in the yard while I work on our new table I'm building and painting for the kitchen. (pics to come).  Also spending some girly time with this sweet princess.  

What I'm dreading:
I dread working out each day, but I know I need to do it and I love the feeling after I'm done.  Maybe if I got some cute workout clothes - it would be better - but probably not.  

What I'm working on:
I'm currently really into building and painting lately.  I have a few projects in the works.  
1.  bought a bench I want to paint and clean up.  2.  I just finished a sign for my kitchen and 3.  working on my pallet farm house table.  


What I'm excited about:
Ready for some much needed R&R so definitely for Spring Break to happen.  Hopefully going to get to spend some time with my sister and some good friends camping.  We shall see what the week has in store for us!

What I'm watching:
Currently me and the hubby are watching Castle on Monday nights.  We still love the show.  I also just wrapped up Parenthood - so sad, but such a great ending.  I also watch Grey's Anatomy.  I'm ready for the show to be over with now, its been a long series.  Though still good, just ready to get into something new.  I watch Scandal but through netflix, so I'm always a season behind.  Also I love love Melissa and Joey and so sad that their show was cancelled after this season.  But can not wait to by the series on dvd.

What I'm listening to:
My faves right now are Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and this cool IHeartRadio station The 1975.  It really has some good music.

What am I annoyed by:
This Texas weather - its cold than its hot.  Please make up your mind, because my allergies can not stand it anymore.  

What am I hoping for:
I am hoping for a lot right now.  Praying for things that only God can read from my heart.  

What am I wearing today:
It is Valentine's week so I'm sporting pink today with a fun pink skirt and a nude shirt with nude flats.  I'm also sporting a braid today because I didn't feel like doing my hair.  Usually you will find me wearing my brown booties with most outfits.  Love them.

What else is new:
Our biggest goals right now are still adjusting to our new move, fixing up our house, getting involved in the community, we are joining our new church this Sunday, and meeting new people.  We have some great neighbors and we love our neighborhood and community.  Our jobs are awesome and challenging in a new and good way.
What's up with you?

Happy Wednesday!!!

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