Thursday, February 12, 2015

I heart Valentine's Day

I just love Valentine's Day.  It is just a fun day to celebrate the ones you love and to be super girly.  My husband and I usually don't do much for Valentine's Day - maybe dinner, but we hate going out on Valentine's Day because of the crowds.  This year our church is offering Parent's Night Out on Friday, so we will be doing something for fun this Friday.

The kids are really into Valentine's Day too through their schools.

Caden and Codi have been making fun crafts all week.  Caden has already picked out his red shirt for tomorrow and Codi has her pink outfit picked out and her finger nails painted.  If you haven't noticed from all of Codi's pictures - she is obsessed with the color pink.  One her staple items in her wardrobe is her pink cowboy boots.  We are on pair #2 of them!

Connor gets to hand out Valentine's to his class friends and they were told to bring in a fun and creative Valentine's Box for class to collect all of their Valentine's.  Of course we checked Pinterest out and Connor decided on what he would like to create.  Connor loves loom bracelets so we made a cute Valentine and him and I made 25 loom bracelets for his class and some of his close buddies.  For his Valentine's Box he wanted a basketball hoop box (I'm guessing since he just finished up basketball season he was still in the basketball mood).  So after school we crafted him a box.  He help me wrap and draw the lines on the box and then I helped out with the rest of the box because it took some creative ways to get it together.  Finding a cheap basketball net and hoop is not easy in a small town so YouTube came to our rescue on how to make a net and then we turned it into a basketball net.  For a teacher gift we went with something cute and simple.  What teacher doesn't like hand soap!?  Connor picked out French Lavender and will add the fun heart tag to it tonight.

Teacher Valentine's Day Gifts. I was soapin you'd be mine!

Would love to see what others are doing for Valentine's Day or any cute ideas they did for their kids for Valentine's treats.  Comment below!!!  Have a happy Valentine's day Weekend.

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