Thursday, July 23, 2015

Annie Sloan newbie

Yall I can not tell you how long I've been wanting to try Annie Sloan chalk paint.  Why did I wait so long!?!  It seriously is that good.  

I've painted all my life and just started to really get into building and painting furniture and repurposed finds.  I've used rust oleum spray paint, house paint and stain.  Love it all but what I really like about Annie Sloan chalk paint above all those is how easy it is!  Dry time is fast, the way it dries is magical (melts like
butter together- so you don't see paint lines), putting the wax on is super easy, and how fast I can get a piece done and it looking fab.  

Two favorite websites I received a lot of tips on:

Many local retailers sell her paint.  You can go to her website and find out where in your area.  The recommend buying her brushes but I used a 1-1/2" flat brush from the paint store and a linen cloth for my waxing that I had at home.  The paint is expensive and the wax is too but it's worth the money and you don't have to use a lot on either to get a great result so I have lots left over for other projects. I bought a pint in Provence ($40) and a sample jar of the clear wax ($18).  

I already have another furniture project in mind and I might try distressing and colored waxes this go around.  

The first project I used the Provence (blue/turq) paint in was this pallet sign for a dear friend's baby nursery.  I cut the wood and built the sign.  Sealed the wood.  Then hand drew out the lettering and painted in the sign.  Love how it turned out.

The second project was a bench for my entry way.  A place for my kids to put their shoes on and add some character to my foyer.  My mom and I found this bench at a junk store in Waco for $60.  A steal!  I had talked about making it but this was cheaper and the right size.  Just needed a little love.

 The first thing I did was replace the fabric.  My mother in law had a few jute coffee sacks.  I took one of the sacks and made it into my new fabric.

Then I wiped down the furniture and painted away.  It took me three coats to
cover the dark wood.  I could of gotten away with two but there were a few spots I could still see some brown and so I just put a light third coat.  With a pint of paint, it is still almost full.  I did two coats one day and a light third coat on the second day.  On the second day after it dried I put on the wax.  It's like crisco and dried super fast.  Then put the new seat back on and wala!  Love how it turned out.

1st coat:

2nd-3rd coat:

Here is the beauty!

So much fun! Next project is my armoire and I'm going for French Linen (gray).  

Anyone else ever tried Annie Sloan or have pictures they would like to share???

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