Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday

I'm linking up with Andrea and today's Show and Tell is what five dinner guest would you invite to a dinner party.  All the guests have to be currently living and it sounded like a lot of fun so here we go!

Guest #1: Nicholas Sparks

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When I was in 8th grade my grandmother mailed my mom a book to read but she never got around to it and I picked it up.  Can you guess what the book was.....????  Yep The Notebook.  I read the book in one day and was in love with Nicholas Sparks writing from then on.  I dreamed of being the girl in the Notebook and was so jealous when Rachel McAdams actually got to do that very thing in the movie.  I own every hard back book of his and can not wait till his newest book comes out in October.  With that said, I would invite Nicholas Sparks to my dinner because I would love to talk to him about his books and inspirations for his books.

Guest #2: Ray LaMontagne

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I was introduced to Ray back in 2004 when I was at work and my boss was playing his CD that was past down to her from her brother.  I immediately fell in love with his soulful voice and now own everyone of his CDs and even went to his concert back in 2008 when I was 8 months pregnant.  Many may of heard of his song "Trouble" that is played in commercials.  I would invite Ray to my dinner party in hopes he would play some music for us!

Guest #3: Melissa Joan Hart

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I've watched Melissa since her early days of tv, but the show that really captured be was her sitcom Melissa and Joey!  I'm obsessed and it makes me laugh all the time.  Another cool thing about Melissa is she is very down to earth and family oriented.  I would invite Melissa to my dinner party for the laughter and fun she would bring.  Plus we could talk about how crazy two little boys can be! (she has two boys too about my boys age)

Guest #4: Jimmy Fallon

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Just love this guy!  I look forward to watching him even when I'm exhausted because he is such a character.  Have you not seen these videos  #1 and #2!???!
Very cool guy and I think he would be a great entertainer at my dinner party.

Guest #5: JJ Watt

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Turn down for Watt!??!  What a cool guy and love my Houston Texans!  Not only is he a great football player, but he is so generous and really loves his fans.  I've heard of some very inspiring stories he has done and just love how he connects with his community.  Also how cute is he!?  I would invite JJ to my dinner party because he brings it all: charisma, looks, charm.

Let's Drink and be Merry!!!

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