Monday, June 30, 2008

14 Week Check-up and Fourth of July plans

Nick and I went to our 14 week check-up today.  Originally Nick had planned to come with me to the appointment, but accidently forgot and volunteered to substitute at work.  Of course, me being pregnant, that did not go over well and then my hormones kicked it and it was blown way out of proportion.  (OOPS).  So of course this past Sunday was a horrible day for me because I was just crying over everything, when there was no reason to do so.  I was just extra sensitive.  

Good news, Nick changed his schedule to make it to the appointment, which turned out we were not having another sonogram so there was really no huge point for him to be there, except to hear the heartbeat for his first time.  Overall it was a great appointment.  We heard the heartbeat which is around 158 this time.  Our doctor keeps suspecting it is a girl, but we will find out July 21 for the Ultrasound and then July 28 we will have a regular appointment with my doctor to get the results on how the baby looks and all.  

Doctor's reasoning for it being a girl, heart rate is high and then pretty much every patient she has had an easy time getting the heart beat of the baby turns out to be a girl.  When it is hard to find the heart beat it has usually been a boy.  Well when she puts that monitor to my belly the heartbeat immediately starts pumping.  So we will see!!!  Nick and I do not care, as long as it is healthy of course.

July 4th:
We leave to go to San Antonio to spend the weekend with my parents and my sister and her fiance.  We are going to enjoy the fireworks and River Walk for the today and then on Saturday head to Schlitterbahn for some cool water and a little fun.  My mom and I will not get to do many of the rides so you will find us in the lazy river while the boys and my sister go have to fun on the rides.  The rest of the weekend we will head back to my parent's house in Spicewood (right out of Austin) and go out on the boat on Lake Travis and enjoy each other's company.  Should be a great relaxing weekend and hopefully good weather!!!  

Nick and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.  

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