Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big boys don't cry

Connor just turn two months this week and he is smiling all the time, cooing, and giggling. Doctor says he is doing great, just needs to work on tummy time a little more to get that head of his up more. Connor weighs 11lbs 12 oz (50%), 24 in long (90%), and 16.5 for his head (75%). The percents are where he compares to the average kid of his age. So this boy is going to be a tall and lean kid. At his doctor appointment they gave him 5 shots!!! and one oral med. It was really hard to see him hurt and I couldn't look when they were giving him his shots. Immediately when that first shot came - his eyes watered up and a big cry came out. He did not cry for long and the Tylenol they gave him wiped him out for the afternoon. I was very proud of him - he did so good.

Since he needs to work on tummy time more, we decided to buy him a new floor mat to help that. It is the Baby Einstein Ocean Adventure mat. He loves it! It is so bright in colors and plays fun music. In the past two days he is starting to realize if he does hold his head up he can see things and not just his drool on the mat that gets all over him when he keeps it down. So in other words he is doing much better on holding his head up.

Tomorrow is going to be his first day at church (we bought him his first bible). He has a cute outfit so I promise I will take pictures and post later with them. For now I will post pictures of my cute kid!!!

Connor in his bed and he has a discovered a new friend:

Connor checking things out in his swing:

Connor is a ladies man:

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