Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nursery Mood Board

Nick and I have been busy getting ready for Caden to enter this world in April. I have cleaned out the spare bedroom and bought the bedding. Over the holidays my parents will be coming down to help paint the room. I had a hard time picking out the color of the room, but we decided with doing a light green for the walls. We also decided to take the closet doors off since they are sliding doors and annoying and going to extend the room into the closet. Everything in the closet will be painted white (shelves and top clothes rod) and then we are going to stripe the walls with two shades of light blue. Here is an example of the closest doors being taken off and the striping of the walls.

example of the blue stripes for the closet

example of extending the room to the closet

example of the stripes in the closet

Once we get the room painted we will order our crib and dresser and get the room underway. We plan to also put another dresser in the closet. The dresser is actually ours in our bedroom right now so we will have to wait till we get another dresser for our bedroom. We also have a glider chair from when we had Connor to put in the room as well. Here is our mood board for the room and hope it turns out the way I hope.

In the photo:
Bedding: Pottery Barn Kasey Navy
Crib and Dresser: BabiesRUs

I'm going to incorporate a sports theme to his room. Some of the objects above will be a different color than the picture. (stars, numbers, mobile, artwork, etc). Hope to have the room completed by March - so be looking for updates and final photos.

PS - our guest bathroom makeover is pretty much done - just need towel bars and toilet paper holder and then over the summer we will repaint the cabinets and put new hardware on. Eventually I hope to get new sinks and a new countertop but that will have to be put on the back burner for now.

On a side note - I am 25 weeks pregnant and go to the doctor tomorrow for a check-up. I will be taking my glucose diabetes test probably after Christmas and start going to appointments every two weeks. This pregnancy is sure going fast, but at times not fast enough. Connor definitely makes sure I am up and busy so I do not get much rest. But it has kept the weight off - don't know if that is what the scale says but my body feels that way. Once January gets here I think time will slow down - usually does for work and I will want things to speed up for March and April to be here. Anyways I will keep you posted!

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