Tuesday, April 5, 2011

40 week mark!

I am 40 weeks pregnant and started my maternity leave this week. I can only pray and hope that Baby C decides to make his appearance on time, since apparently he doesn't want to come early. But hey my Connor came on his due date and I came on my due date, so maybe we are starting a trend in the family. I am feeling really good right now and still super active, which I was absolutely not with Connor at this time. Tomorrow I head to the doctor to see whats going on and to get my membranes stripped to hopefully (50%/50%) put me into labor within 24-36 hours - which would be on my due date (this Friday April 8). If things done work out and we go past my due date - I believe she has scheduled me for induction on Monday April 11 (my daddy's birthday).
This week has been an awesome week so far though. Of course I'm done with work for right now. But here is why its been great:

1. my Connor has let me sleep in till between 8-9am. How sweet of a child I have. Even if he is awake at his normal time of 7:30 when I'm not going to work he has played quietly in his room till he just cant tolerate it anymore and then the banging on the door begins - Mommy where are you!?

2. I've washed everything for Baby C - including bottles. I will not be breastfeeding this time around, because it did not work with Connor. I had a breast reduction in 2003 and I was told that there might be a possibility that it would not work and of course it doesn't. My ducts never repaired back correctly - which is common in women who have breast reductions or implants. Therefore milk is really hard to come out and mastitis is more common - which I got in both breast with Connor and had to go to the ER with a 105 fever - NO FUN!

3. Connor and I have spent most days in our PJs and when we haven't been in our PJs - we've gotten icecream at Sonic, cupcakes at Frost Bakery (had a lemon cupcake - read here why.... ), had a picnic lunch in the front yard, and went to Nick's softball game. (Connor is obsessed with sports - so he loves going).

The only task I really have left this week is I really want to get my front two rooms cleaned up in the house - but they store alot of stuff that we just don't have a place for right now or a task I don't feel like accomplishing right now. A. Random stack of books B. Files for the filing cabinet C. Nick's baseball cards D. Things that my parents will be picking up with they come down. I am also painting a canvas for Baby C's room (then it will be complete), but I haven't been able to finish it yet.

Other than that I am waiting patiently to meet my sweet new baby and nesting as much as possible.

To come.....411 on Cloth Diapering - we will be doing this with Baby C.

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