Saturday, April 16, 2011

Caden Glenn Bryan has arrived

Caden Glenn Bryan entered this world on April 11, 2011 at 9:05 pm. Wow what a long day! The story began as so.....

Nick and I knew I was going to be induced today, but we had to call in at 5am to make sure there was a bed waiting for me. Yay there was and we were to report to the hospital at 7:15am. We got to the hospital and they got be all set up in my room and my IVs and fluids started. I got my pitocin at 8:15am and labor started. I was already 2.7 cm dilated so they told me that for me to get to 3-5 would be longest part of the day. I had no pain so I did not get my epidural until Noon because he was available to do it at that time and if I wanted an epidural I should get it then. Of course before the anesthesiologist came in my doctor decided she wanted to break my water. When I had Connor I had an awful delivery of 18 hours and I do not really remember the feeling of getting an epidural or having my water broken. Probably because I already was in labor and in so much pain - how could it be worse. Well with Caden I was not in any pain at all - so both of these procedures were not my favorite. So as my epidural is kicking in and my water has been broken they expected my labor to pick up speed. Obviously Caden wasn't ready to pick up speed because I sat at 3cm for a couple of hours and then 4-6 cm happened about every hour after. By the time I got to 6cm which was already 12 hours later Caden started to give us problems. I was completely numb and had been sleeping all day. They eventually had to start flip-flopping me and putting me in all these positions to see if they could relieve whatever was going on in my stomach. I had oxygen on and they thought that Caden's cord was causing problems with him. Well nothing changed and his heart rate started acting crazy - the next thing happens I'm told I'm having a c-section and then the room was filled with nurses and people prepping me - who by the way is shaking on all fours in a hospital bed and crying because I'm nervous. Yes I did say all fours - that was the last position they had me in. Nick was nervous as well because he wasn't sure of the procedures on this - such as if he would be able to come with me, etc. The nurses were wonderful and made sure he had his camera and got him prepped to go. He looked so handsome in his blue scrubs. Anywho....I get rushed to ER for surgery and we are waiting on our doctor to arrive. The nurses or getting me ready and the anesthesiologist is numbing me liking crazy. Music is going in the background and the room is bright white and chilly!!! They got me on the operation bed - arms spread out like Jesus and naked as a jay bird ready for surgery. Nick is holding my hands and they put the drape up in front of us so we can not see the surgery. Probably a good idea!!! All I remember is that the surgery took about 10 minutes - Rihanna S&M was playing in the background - doctors are having a good ole conversation - and then Caden's beautiful cry of arrival. Caden was a whopping 9lbs and 15oz. My doctor was like wow were you stuffing twinkies in your mouth those last couple of weeks - this kid is a biggie! No twinkies, but she was way off on calculations and I would of had a c-section no matter what because of his size. Caden was born Monday night and we were out of the hospital by Wednesday.

7 weeks later:
Recovery was painful but I did it with a newborn and a 2 year. I give myself props =) My body is obviously not where I want it right now, but I am blessed to have such a wonderful and healthy baby. He has been a challenge right from the start - major diaper rash, tummy problems, possibly colic, and then not being able to find a formula that fit him. Well I can say today all that is pretty much cleared and he is beginning to sleep great and becoming such a happy baby (full of smiles).

Connor is obsessed (literally) with Caden and we all started working out on Saturday - so that will be my goal this summer (to get back into shape). Caden will be going to the doctor soon for his 2 month checkup and will probably be about 13 pounds. And for those wondering - we heart the cloth diapers. I will be posting an update on those soon.