Monday, July 9, 2012

Straight Honesty to a Healthy Lifestyle

All In My Twenties
I have been a bunch of talk this summer and little to no action behind those words.  Today I am going to change that and start by just being honest with myself and whoever is reading this.

So let me take you back in time real quick.  Growing up I've always had big boobs and I would consider myself an athletic built and short (5'4"). I've always had to workout to maintain my weight.  I've always been super active so that has helped through swimming competively and working out regularly.  On the flip side of that I am a super picky eater.  Hate vegetables!!!  I mean literally I gag trying to get them down my throat.  When I graduated high school I was about 125lbs and actually maintained that weight through most of college.  I even had a breast reduction during college because it was super painful to find tops and bathing suits to fit me and they were just super heavy which I could for see many problems in the future.  Then it all caught up to me!  In 2003-2004 I was finishing up college and I found a picture of me and realized that I needed to change something and it needed to be fast!  If I could find that picture that described it all I would love to show you, but I probably did not keep a copy, oops.  I was probably about 170lbs.  It was awful and I always felt awful.  I drank alcohol but not like some college people do and really just did not watch what I ate.  Nor was exercise super important.  I eventually signed up for Quick Weight Loss and did their program for about 4-6 months in which I lost 40 pounds in 4 months.  I felt great and thought I looked great.  But I still was not exercising that much (man if I did, I would of seen even better results) and then it was not a diet to me that I could keep.  Sure I ate healthy, but I never got to treat myself.  In 2006 Nick and I got married and I was about 135 pounds and probably for the first half of our marriage I put on about 15 pounds so 150lbs became normal to me.  I looked and felt okay!  Then pregnancy hit for the next three years of my life and my weight has never been the same.

Pregnant with Connor
Had Connor
18 months later I was back to 150lbs
Pregnant with Caden
Had Caden
4 months later I was 170lbs
Pregnant with Codi
Had Codi
Immediately back to 170lbs

So here we are - I'm 170 pounds and I HATE it!  Ya sure I just had a baby a month ago, but it will take me forever to take this weight off if I just sit and don't do anything about it.  I promise I'm not being too hard on myself, I just know I am not healthy and I need to do something about it now while I can.  So I've been very inspired by the fitness model Kelsey Byers (look her up - she has a great story to tell) and I have been doing alot of research on eating clean and toning up my body.  I finally took the words I've been saying all summer ("I need to start eating better and working out") to heart and I started today.    Yes I know its not going to come off real fast, but I know it will sooner than later.

So here I am at 170lbs post pregnancy with Caden on our Cruise in August 2011 - basically me now.

My goal weight is 130-135 lbs and to be about 16% body fat.  I am probably 29+% right now.

How am I going to do it?

Well first off I signed up to be a coach on Beachbody website (people who sell Insanity and other great stuff) and ordered the Shakeology Meal replacer drinks.  They are super yummy!!! I just home direct them and shipping is free and I get a 30 day supply monthly.

Check it out on my website:

Secondly I am writing down everything I eat in a notebook (this is a big KEY)

I am eating 5-6 times a day - eating about every 2-3.5 hours.  Drinking 1 gallon of water a day before 4pm

Finally I am working out (I haven't started this yet, because my doctor hasn't given me permission) but I am walking about 2 miles with the kiddos right now.  Then after I go to the doctor this week, I will start running until I think my body is ready to start Insanity!!!  Nick and I purchased this before I knew I was pregnant with Codi.  So our goal is to start that beginning of August.  Then I want to add in some weight lifting to tone of my muscles.  I hope when I go back to work to start swimming and working out with my kiddos at work so I don't have to do much when I get home.  I plan to work out 5-6 times a week.  Cardio in the morning and Weight lifting at night.

Wish me luck and would love the support!!!

Tomorrow I will post more before pictures and my measurements - so by the time I reach my goal weight I can post after pictures and measurements to compare!


Lindsay said...

That's amazing, April! Go you! I'm cheering you on. :) I use an app for recording what I eat daily called myfitnesspal. You should check it out. Anything from the grocery store or a restaurant is pretty much in it! I've done a notebook too, either way, I agree--that is the key! Good luck! You're beautiful!

ChristenPhillips said...

April, I'm really proud of you! Its HUGE step to admit it to yourself, but an even bigger step to do something about it and admit it to the world! Go YOU!

I use myfitnesspal too. I wouldn't survive without it lol It makes what you're eating black and white so you can see your calories in vs. calories out and you can track your exercise on it too. AND its FREE!

I'm sending all kinds of good happy weight loss vibes your way! :) You can do it!

bran said...

You sound EXACTLY like me girl. That is crazy. It will seriosly take you no time to get that weight off with eating right and insanity. Im feeling pretty crappy about myself now because we did insanity, I lost almost 2 pant sizes and now its all coming back because of pending baby #2. Booo! I encourage you to hang in there. I will be praying for you! You can do it!

The Heights Life! said...

You can do it!! I have seen you make things happen!! I will be thinking about you and cheering for you!! LOVE YOU!!!

april said...

Good for you April! I was at the same weight a year after having Nathan when we first moved here. I did the same thing and started Body for Life and dropped 31 pounds. It felt great! You can do it!! I will be cheering you on!

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

You are gorgeous Mrs. Bryan!! And the momma to a newborn so take your time!! Im right there with you, cheering you on!!

Thanks for linking up!!


Amanda said...

You are lovely, so inspired by the fact you are in a two piece @ 170. That's where I am now and I don't feel like I'd look nearly as great as you in one. Maybe I should try. :)

Glad to be following you via the link up. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

~Amanda @ Cut the Crap

Blogging with the Bryan's said...

thanks for the wonderful comments - just what I need to keep me motivated. 14 pounds down and 20 more to go!