Monday, July 30, 2012

Lets Talk Weight Loss

It is Monday so I'm back with my weekly update.  Then I also wanted to share some pinterest fun with you on eating clean.

I think if I remember correctly last time we talked I weighed 160-161 and was wearing about a size 10 in pants.  Sad to say the only reason I need a size 10 is not for my legs or my butt, but so the button will fasten around my waist.  I need an 8 for the rest, so I'm sagging for awhile.

I am happy to now tell you I weigh 158 (12 pounds lost in three weeks) and those size 10 pants are falling off this chica.  I'm not officially in size 8 in everything but I can pull it off with the right top.

Things I focused on this week:
1.  Working out - Brazilian Butt Lift Week 1 = success!
Three more weeks to go on this program and man is it hard.  And its super hard to get motivated while doing it by myself and in a small living room.  I'm so set on moving it outside if I had a way to view the video on a large screen.  And the heat wouldn't kill me.  I will say Connor is a good motivator and loves watching me.

2.  Watching my calories.  I'm trying to keep them at 1200 if I'm not working out and about 2000 when working out.  I think the hard part this week is remembering to eat.  I'm not as hungry AND I forget to eat because I'm so busy with the kiddos.  Yes I use to say how could one forget to eat, well I think about it but then get on a bunny trail doing something else.

3.  Researching recipes and articles to read which has kept me motivated.

4.  Eating more vegetables!  One way I get some of my veggies in is through my shakeology drink.  I have a chocolate shakeology with a banana, tbsp of natural peanut butter, and a cup of spinach!!!  Who would of thought that it still taste the same without the spinach - so I love that I can get a cup of veggies in easily.

Since I know Pinterest is all the rave right now I thought I would share with you guys some fun things I've found on there, plus if you follow me you can always check out my Clean and Lean folder.

For starters this is All you need to know:

So if you can stick with these two rules of thumb your on to a great start.  Don't fool yourself when you say you can eat this and work it off later in the gym, because sometimes you might not get to the gym or that sugar is really harder to work off than you think.  

Want to get Lean?  Eat your Protein!  Best Food Combos for Complete Protein - cheat sheet

Healthy Food Shopping List

And I will leave yall today with some fun crock pot healthy recipes for those on the go mommies like me!

Healthy Recipes

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