Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 3 Update

Well the first week went well - lost 7 lbs
Then the second week hit and man it was hard - lost 2 lbs
Its the start of the third week and Im going back and forth between losing 7-9 lbs

We love to go out to eat so that has been my biggest struggle.  Its not hard to order something at the restaurant that I can eat, but its harder watching everyone else enjoy their alcohol and their super fatty foods!  My other struggle is that I don't have food planned out for the week, so when I get hungry during the day and nothing is ready to go to eat, I start getting tempted by other food.  Now if it was just me in the house I would not buy it, but my kids and hubby like it so its there.

So my goals this week are to start planning my meals on Sunday and cooking everything for the week (this will especially be helpful when I go back to work).  I am also going to start a 30 day workout program - Brazil Butt Lift.  Super excited!

I think with adding in the much needed exercise daily I will definitely see results in the next few weeks.  I also think when I go back to work and I'm not tempted and my schedule is fuller and more routine I will do really well in my food intake and working out schedule.

I will leave with this for the week and will return next Monday with a new update!

Two apps that have really helped me stay in control of my food are:

My fitness pal - it lets me record my food intake (like a diary) and enter my weight and exercising schedule.  So I know how many calories I need to intake daily and what my projected weight is.  In five weeks I should be weighing 10 pounds less.  Hope its correct!

Beyond Diet - a good friend of mine told me about this app and its a low fat finder.  Lets you know if its a smart choice of food to eat based on the calories and fat intake.

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The Heights Life! said...

Keep up the great work! You are doing awesome! Love you!