Monday, August 6, 2012

On the way to being skinny

It is Monday! And all I can say is WOW I'm exhausted. Today I had to go to work all day for inservice, so it was my first day to get up super early and try getting me and three kids ready and out the door on time. Super hard - let me tell ya. All I can say is I had everything packed ready to go at the door, but there still was not alot of time, so I will have to take my showers at night now. I hate taking showers at night because my hair looks like crap in the morning.

If you have any advice on how to make bed head look fantastic please share!!!!

 So last week was a rough week for me and working out. I will be honest and say I skipped a few days, but I stayed on my eating plan so I was proud of me for that. But I'm back on schedule today working out. 50 minutes of sculpting with weights.

 On a good note - I've lost another 2 pounds - so I'm down to 156 from 170. Not too shabby in a months time. 20-25 pounds left to go and I have till February 22nd - which is my goal date.

 I wanted to share a few things this week with you.

 One is on how to pack a healthy refrigerator (remember last week I gave you a list on what to buy at the grocery store) The Healthy Refrigerator

The next one is the Female Training Bible - awesome advice!!

And finally here is a little diagram on eating clean and getting what you need in your food daily.

Does anybody have some good healthy recipes to share? Till next Monday - have a great week.

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