Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baseball Wreath

Baseball is in full swing in the Bryan household.  We have two ball players this year.  Caden is playing T-ball for the Rock Hounds.  Connor is playing Coach's Pitch for the Astros.  Miss Codi is super jealous, but I told her she could be their cheerleader which made her super happy.  My evenings are now filled with baseball practice (I'm in the early stages of carpool mom) and games until June.  I love every minute of it even if I am exhausted and dinner plans are now on the back burner.

To hit off baseball season I thought it would be a cute idea to cheer on my favorite players with a wreath for my front door.  I wanted it to be in the shape of home base so I had to get creative since they do not make canvas in that shape.

I took a piece of cardboard and cut out the dimension of home base.  17 in across the top, 8.5 in down on each side and 12 in diagonals on each side of the bottom of the base.

I then took canvas (which you can buy by the roll or cut it off of a stretch canvas board) and drew out the same dimensions, but I cut it about an inch more so I would have sides to fold over an glue around the cardboard.

I wrapped the cardboard with the canvas and hot glued the sides.

When I was down it was time to paint.  I wanted a chevron background, but I wanted a subtle color since the background was white, I picked a creme color to paint the stripes.  I made a template for my chevron pattern.  It was about 4 inches tall with the points at 2 inches. I traced the template about four times, leaving a space about the same size of the template in between.

Once the chevron design was traced onto the canvas, I painted the creme color every other line.

Then I painted on my baseball threading look with black and red paint.  I added a heart for our love of baseball and a cougar paw because we are in China Spring and we are the cougars (Columbia Blue).  I used a black paint pen to write the boy's names.

To hang it, I cut a piece of wire and spiraled it around a pencil to get the spiraled look and attached it through the holes I cut at the top.

I added a cute bow to the wire and hung it on my front door!

Loved how it turned out and love cheering on my superstars.

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