Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Turquoise Addict

Yes I will admit I love turquoise.  How could you not!?  It is exciting, calming, rich, and reminds me of the beach.  With that being said that is my accent color through a majority of my house.

My husband and I recently built a farm house table out of pallets (you can view here) and on one side closest to the wall we are going to eventually build a large bench for our kids and then on the other side I wanted 4 mix-matched chairs in a turquoise monochromatic color scheme.

I set out to my antique and consignment shops and purchased 4 different chairs. To find the perfect chair is very hard and so many people want to sell sets of chairs and not individuals.  Then when you find an individual chair its broken or not exactly what I was looking for or way too expensive.

It took me two weekends!!  Once I got the chairs I wiped down, sanded, and primed each chair.  My local Ace Hardware was having a sale in March on paint.  99 cent pint cans.  You can not beat that!  I picked out my color scheme and bought 4 cans.

The process for each chair - prime, paint, paint again, seal with poly

I love how it turned out and the pop of color it brings to my eating area.

Next on the list - Annie Sloan paint and my birthday bench!  Any tips I should know?  Post below.

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