Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pinterest Love

Tonight my church group is having a pinterest party, which by the way I'm so excited about. A Pinterest party by the way is when someone makes something from their Pinterest boards and brings to share with everyone. I wanted to share with you what I completed for the party.  You can look at this post of mine to see the images I copied from.

1. Verse of the Week hanging plaque

I bought a vintage cheese plate and sprayed it with Heirloom White.

Then I sanded the edges and stained them.

I bought chalk board paint and painted the areas I wanted to write on with the black paint. Then at the top visually copied the lettering from my inspiration photo and painted it.

2. I made ornaments for my babies that included their picture and birth stats. They are not complete yet. I bought 2" cubes and typed and printed their info on stationary paper. Then I cut each square out and modge podged it to the cube. I still need to buy some hoop hooks and ribbon so they can hang on the tree

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