Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fashion Guru

Have you ever gone into your closet and realized you have nothing cute anymore?  Or how old are these clothes - from highschool!?  Or you've been in the making baby stages and maternity clothes have been your new bestfriend.  I think I actually fit into all those categories.  So you know what I did, I went through all my clothes and pretty much everything was donated but a few pieces. 

Next reaction!  What am I going to wear now and what do I buy!?  I know nothing about fashion.  Well I'm one lucky girl first off to have a sister.  Everyone needs a sister - do I hear an Amen!!!  Hey nobody said they had to be blood related.  Secondly my sister is a fashion expert.  She graduated with a degree in fashion and works for JCPenney Corp.  But she also has always dressed super cute, sometimes way out there for my taste, but always cute!
So naturally I called her up and told her she was my personal shopper and was taking me shopping.  I'm on a budget and my sweet hubby and kiddos gave me a giftcard to Kohl's for mother's day.  So I gave her my budget for clothing and off we went to Kohl's.  I told her I had no idea what I liked at the moment or what my size was (trying to get this baby weight off) but just to go to town and pick out some cute pieces and things that can be mixed and matched.  And guess what Kohl's has some cute things and they have great deals.  I think my total was like $450 dollars and with my coupons and opening a Kohl's card I ended up only spending $250 dollars and I had some super cute clothes.  What a fun day and now I was ready for work. 
Now I know not everyone has a fashion guru in their family or that is super close to them, but hey guess what now you have my sister all to yourself.  Want to know why!?  She has started blogging and so far its all been about fashion.  I'm sure she will throw some other fun topics in their as well.
So go now and show her some love! 
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Amanda said...

Oh my goodness so true. One day I was like, "I have nothing to wear." And that was truth, all my clothes were too big and frumpy. So I cleaned out my closet and I never knew the meaning of the statement, "I have nothing to wear," until then. :)

The good news is you've been doing great with your weight loss so I think that means you should treat yourself to a new outfit, or two. Andplusalso, it's so much fun to shop when you are feeling good about yourself.