Monday, January 10, 2011

Word of 2011


That is my word for this year. I've always loved to organize and put things in their place, but it is very expensive and somewhat creative and crafty. Unfortunately I did not marry someone who believes in the same thing, so its very hard to keep my house in order when my hubby is the total opposite. But I'm working and training him to get there with me for my sanity. It was not so bad before Connor, but now with a third person in the house comes more stuff and I'm talking way more stuff. And I never thought I would actually find a breaking point until now. I just came to realization that I will be having a fourth person in our house come April and having two babies in the house and all the toys and stuff makes me think I need to do something NOW!

Over the holidays I started out with cleaning our front room out and buying a nice bookshelf and getting prepared to have room for our piano that we will be eventually inheriting from my parents. Then it was getting the new nursery ready for the baby and I started going through Connor's room to transfer baby stuff to the nursery and realized Connor has a huge closet for a 2 yr old and its a mess! So I am trying to figure out a way to organize his closet and the play area to make it more clean looking and organized. Do I do baskets and label them or a toy box. Who knows, but I'm thinking I'm leaning to rotating toys out every month so there aren't as many out and about and then getting baskets to label toys so that Connor and I can learn how to clean in an organized way. So that is my task before baby gets here.

The next goal was our bedroom. We unfortunately bought a house with the smallest bathroom and closet known to man-kind and it definitely does not fit our lifestyle. So Nick and I gave in and bought a bedroom set last night to organize our bedroom better so it looks and smells cleaner. If you have ever lived with a guy you sure know how fast their clothes and socks can stink up a room. GROSS!!! I want my room to smell fresh and clean before I go to bed. Anywho we get our new furniture next week and are totally psyched to see how it all plays out. Then I can finally finish decorating our room and be done with it.

Finally my last task for awhile will be to get my dining room organized and cleaned. It pretty much is, but I have a lot of garage sale stuff sitting in the room. So once that event happens the room can be clean.

Then onward to painting 4 more paintings for the house. One set for our bedroom, two for Caden's room, and one for the dining room. Then I am going to make an mirror for our dining room. It will look alot like the one from Pottery Barn. Can not wait!!!

How do you keep your house organized? What works best for your family? Any tips or insight would be awesome.


ChristenPhillips said...

I love the mirror idea!... so much that I may steal it from you and file it away in my "someday" project file :) As far as staying organized, I'm a list maker. (just ask my husband lol I drive him crazy sometimes) I love to hang the list up on the wall where I will see it all day long until its complete. I also get satisfaction from crossing completed things off one at a time. Love your blog, April! I'll have to stop by more often!

Anonymous said...

hey, April! I'd love to see what pictures you are painting for your walls! I need an idea for my entry hall. :) love you, and hope you are feeling great these days!