Saturday, January 15, 2011

Future Masterbath Ideas

Nick and I are slowly working on remodeling our masterbath. I wish we had actual before pictures of our bathroom, but we have slowly already taken down a few things in the bathroom because it made the bathroom so crowded.

You will notice missing from the pictures are:
1. There was a huge wooden storage/medicine cabinet above the toilet
2. We had a mirror medicine cabinet in front of the sink
3. We had a towel bar above the toilet and one across from the toilet
4. We had a towel bar next to the current medicine cabinet in the picture
5. All the cabinets once had gold/silver knobs and handles
6. There were blinds and old curtain hardware around the window.

So after all that has been taken out here are the before pictures we have now. Oh and don't forget to admire the lovely brown wilted flower wallpaper and trim. Pretty huh!?

So our goals for this bathroom are to change the direction of the door so that can actually stand at the sink with out having to hold the door so it doesn't keep bumping into us. We are literally going to gut the whole bathroom. Our plan is to have a smaller and more functional vanity, a new toilet and make our bathtub/shower combo into an actual stand up shower. Oh and we will probably have to get new flooring because the tile I believe does not go beyond the vanity and then we would have empty flooring spots. Oh and of course get rid of the nasty wallpaper.

So this summer our plan this summer is to gut it and take down wallpaper and then just use the guest bathroom until its completed. Our guest bathroom if you have read previous post is ALOT larger than our master. Stupid designers but that is what was cool in the 1970s.

So here is pictures of what we would like our bathroom to look like when we are done. Of course it won't look exact because these people spent $8000 on their redo, but we will be taking ideas from these pictures and trying to spend way less!!!

Of course we won't have our bathroom done till who knows when because of having a new baby in the house in April and finances, but we can atleast get started and pray the transition moves smoothly and as fast as possible. Oh anyone know any great/cheap places to rent tools? I know of Home Depot and my FIL knows of a place near by but I'm doing some price checking. I assume we will need a tile remover tool for sure!!!

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