Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nursery Update

Hey fellow bloggers - I have some updates on the nursery. This past week we received some of our new furniture and did some rearranging of furniture. After all that was said and done I started working on the baby room. It is not done yet, so final pictures of the room will have to wait, but I'm pretty darn close. I've also spent the weekend washing baby clothes and putting them up. I can't believe Connor was that small - the clothes are tiny!!! Can't wait!!!

So here are the pictures I have now of the baby room:

Baby Crib

Glider/Storage Area - pictures will probably be hung in the striped area once we get some.


These are things that are coming to finish up the baby room:

I already made these and painted them in Navy Blue - they will be hung tomorrow between the dresser and the crib

I bought all the material to make this but in different colors and with the letter "C"
info on how to make it will come soon. This will be hung in the corner of the baby crib

I am still looking for one of these stars and I want to spray paint it in Navy Blue - still on the search!!! This will between the door to the room and the closet area.

I bought the canvas today to make a painting like this with Caden's name on it.
This will probably be the last thing I do for the room since it will take awhile. Once I'm done painting it will be hung on the wall with the crib.

I just bought this side table to go next to the glider and it will hold the lamp thats on the window ledge and possibly a bottle or two when feeding. This will be delivered later this week.

Once all that is done the room will be ready and waiting for our precious baby to arrive. Connor is already walking into Caden's room and saying Caden' bed, baby swing, Caden's football, etc. Maybe we are adjusting better than I thought it would be. Will see as time goes. Check back for updates and how-to projects!


Kimberlie0399 said...

Everything looks great! Not sure if I've asked this before....what is babys name going to be?

Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Caden Glenn Bryan